Spalding Portable Basketball Hoop $299.99

In-store and Online.

Looking to get outside and shoot some hoops this summer? Costco has this Spalding Portable Basketball Hoop for $299.99 in-store.
Its a 54″ Arcylic Backboard up to 11″. Lots of nice features for the price, plus you’d be under the Costco warranty!

Its $379.99 online. Best to get it in-store.

Comes standard with a 1 year limited warranty on parts, components and base, while the steel frame acrylic backboard carries a 5 year limited warranty.
Reviews state to ensure packaging and parts in the box aren’t damaged.


Spalding Portable Basketball Hoop

  • Spalding – Official NBA Branded Product
  • 54” Acrylic Backboard with NBA® Logo Man Graphics
  • Authentic Style Blow-Molded Board Pad
  • 1” x 1” Steel Frame Construction for Superior Rebound
  • Pro Slam Orange Breakaway Rim
  • Nylon Heavy Duty Net
  • Pro Glide Advance Lift System
  • 3.5” Angled 3-Piece Black Pole
  • Board Offset – 16”
  • Powder Coated Rust Resistant Finish
  • Hercules Base – 37 Gallon of Ballast for Supreme Stability
  • Dual Fill Caps for easy access to fill with Sand or Water
  • Front Cover – Rebounder During Play
  • Two Wheel Design for easy moving of system




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