Stuck Homeschooling? Try New Books at Costco!

The Human Body: A Pop Up Guide to Anatomy is just one of the few books kids could have fun with and learn something new during the pandemic.
There is also a T-Rex version if you have a dino lover both are $21.49.
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The Human Body a Pop Up Guide to Anatomy $21.49

It’s 1839 and you are a medical student working on your first human body dissection! Under the watchful eye of Dr Walker, peel the flaps back to reveal the inner workings of the human body, from bone and muscle, to the brain, eyes, heart, lungs and everything in-between. Victorian-inspired illustrations meet with medical notes and sketches to give a complete in-depth exploration of how the human body works.


  • 2 Complex Novelty Spreads With Multi-layered Pops
  • 5 Lift The Flap Spreads


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