Waterpik Ultra + Cordless Water Flosser Combo $75.99

Waterpiks are super popular right now. People love how they keep your mouth clean. You really should try it if you are an avid flosser, or could use a better flossing system.
Currently this Waterpik Ultra plus Cordless Water Flosser combo is normally $99.99.

Waterpik Ultra + Cordless Water Flosser $75.99


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  • Makes it Easy to Take Care of Your Oral Health at Home and On the Go
  • Removes up to 99.9% of Plaque From Treated Areas
  • Clinically Proven Up to 50% More Effective Than String Floss
  • Ideal for Gum Care, Braces, Implants, and Other Dental Work
  • Includes Ultra Plus & Cordless Select Water Flossers, 12 Accessory Tips, USB Charger, Travel Bag, Tip Case


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