*HOT* and *HURRY* 70% off One Spot at Target!

I am so excited about this deal because my 3-year old flies through these preschool books! And especially as I gear up for possibly homeschooling her for preschool next year!


All these books ring up for $0.30! They have up to grade 4 I saw. Also flashcards and Sesame Street books. The other side was filled with Doc Mcstuffins and other character socks. Lots of boys socks. There were sand art kits that are $0.90, and lots of other deals! If you are interested in any of it I really suggest going today, it was packed with people already. But the bins were pretty full when I was just there.

PAIR THIS WITH THE 20% off ONE Spot Cartwheel offer here



This was at the Batavia Target store, so not sure if every Target will have this. If your Target does be sure to let us know! And Batavia Target does carry the Go picnic breakfast they are in the cereal aisle! Be sure to check out my post here to get them for FREE!


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