Welcome! Some of you may know me from our sister site- MyBJsWholesale.com and/or TheFrugalfarmgirl.com

I wanted to start this site to bring you deals from all three of the wholesale clubs. In April 2019 I got a Costco membership for the first time. With Costco being new in our Western New York area I’m determined to bring you the best deal between Costco and BJs, and adding Sam’s Club to the mix as well.

What You’ll Find on the Site

  • Clearance, Markdowns at Costco, Sam’s and BJs.
  • Articles on tips to save and how to shop wholesale clubs the smart way.
  • We will be doing reviews on these store brand’s products and more!

If you are brand new to who we are and what we do you may want to visit one of our other two blogs.

A little about me.

My name is Tasia and I’m the founder and girl behind this blog- My Wholesale life. The picture above is my husband and me in Nashville!

The name says it all. I started on a journey four years ago and quickly over the last two years have become an extreme wholesale shopper.

My family doesn’t know what to do with a normal box of cereal anymore. I sure don’t either because I’m not used to getting cereal weekly anymore.

I love hanging out on Pinterest if you want to join me there. I love my farm animals and being outdoors- which is why I started the blog Frugal Farm Girl. I don’t care to give you any fluff or sell you things because someone paid me. I want to give you an honest space without all the fluff.

Blogging has taken me on quite a journey and has deepened my faith that God can literally do anything. We must trust his plan. We must trust each little step he leads us on and we must trust that nudge when to say something. do something for someone else as part of his plan.

I hope this site inspires you to love getting a deal and to see how all three wholesale clubs are pretty amazing in their own unique way- just like you.

My Brother Taylor who helped out on the MyBJsWholesale blog will be contributing to this site as well. You can read more about Taylor on his photography blog here, and check out his reviews on all things Honey!

I have published work/featured in The Batavian, The Batavia Daily News, Lauren Gruetman, CNBC. FoxNews

I had a column- Money Matters in the Daily News that runs monthly.

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