Save a lot Vs. Aldi: Find out which store is cheaper

Ever wonder which store is cheaper?! Take a peek. The prices have not changed but a few cents on these items since the post was written.

I did a price comparison the last time the Save a lot Ad came out here and here, and surprisingly the winner was Save a lot! Here is a look at items Save a lot has on special for the next two weeks compared to the prices effective at Aldi until 12/6/14.


The items are the stores own private label brands. If it is not the generic brand it will be specified!

Who do you think will come out on top this week?? 

I love shopping at Aldi when I can’t find the things I need at Tops for cheap. But I have to say just going to Aldi every time is not always cheaper. Aldi changes their prices  frequently so you still have to compare stores.

Phew, it’s a lot of work price comparing! So this week I have done it for you!!


The cheaper price will be highlighted in red!  SAL=Save a lot 🙂



Navel Oranges 3 lb. bag

ALDI- $1.49   SAL-  $2.49

Shank Portion Ham

ALDI- $1.59/lb.   SAL- $1.29/lb.

Spiral Half Ham

ALDI- $1.99/lb.   SAL- $2.39/lb.

4 lb. Bag of Sugar

ALDI-$1.29  SAL- $1.69

5 lb. bag of All purpose flour

ALDI-$0.99  SAL- $1.49

Cream Cheese

ALDI- $0.89   SAl- $0.99

32 oz. Brown and Powdered Sugar

ALDI- $0.99  SAL- $1.29

 Refrigerated Crescent Rolls

ALDI-$0.99  SAL-$0.99

Evaporated Milk 

ALDI- $0.65  SAL-$0.79

Fresh Center Cut Bone-In Pork Chops

ALDI- $3.49/lb.   SAL- $2.79/lb.


ALDI- $0.99  SAL- $0.99

Yogurt 6 oz.

ALDI- $0.39  SAL-$0.44

Imperial Spread Sticks

ALDI- $0.75  SAL-$0.69


The Save a lot ad had more name brand products featured in it.

You can see Weekly Deals at Save a Lot here
eekly Deals at Aldi here.

So what do you think?

Are you a one store shopper?

Or do you shop where ever the best deal is??

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