Why You Shouldn’t Buy Milk or a Head of Lettuce at Aldi this week

If you haven’t noticed yet I LOVE A DEAL! I am determined to get the best deal on food because it seems as a mother it’s all I am buying! Can you relate?

This week I took a look at where our money is better spent at Tops or Aldi for the meal deal. If you are looking for boneless center cut pork chops- you will want to shop at Tops and you can see why in detail here.

Now if you don’t want any of the meal deal items take a look at these two items that are CHEAPER at Tops this week.

The lesson is this: SHOP THE SALES- but price compare! 

And don’t moan and groan! Just check my site to make your life easier! I’m here to help you! You do NOT have to do this saving a buck on food alone!

Tops has some killer sale prices. If you don’t believe me take a good look through the Tops ad or check out the Tops Coupon Matchup list here. It is all the sale items paired with coupons!


  • This week if you buy milk at Tops it is $1.79 for a gallon of milk! ( You must spend $20 minimum but guess what if you use coupons that price is BEFORE coupons so you can spend less then $20 and still get your milk cheaper) That includes Skim, 1%, 2% and Whole.
    Then you can use the Ibotta app to save an extra $0.25 and if you DO NOT Have this app you earn $10 for signing up and redeeming one offer!
  • If you buy a gallon of Whole Milk at Aldi this week you will pay $2.09. 
  • If you buy a head of lettuce at Tops you will pay $0.99. There is no spend requirement on this one.
    Then you can  use the Ibotta app to save an extra $0.25 and if you DO NOT Have this app you earn $10 for signing up and redeeming one offer! 
  • If you buy a head of lettuce at Aldi you will pay $1.39

Just remember to keep on eye on prices and use those Sale Flyers! This week let’s stand together to get the BEST deal on our food!

Also if you are looking for the BEST BARGAIN at our area stores I have this AMAZING search tool on my site.

search for the best deal from area stores

You can go here and type in crescent rolls and it will bring up the sale prices from our area stores for you! If it has a coupon that will come up too! If you have a minute try this amazing tool out- it will totally be worth your time- I PROMISE 🙂

Are you a weekly Tops or Aldi Shopper?! 


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