BJ’s Recalls Organic Frozen Vegetables Due to Lysteria

My stomach just cringed a bit when I opened up this letter today. Of course it’s when you are buying Organic and feel that you may be a bit safer. The truth is when other people are handling your food you’re never 100% safe! The best thing to do when you can is grow your own veggies/fruits!

Here is the letter I got in the mail today. Many of you may already have or will be receiving the same letter if you have purchased either of these items. BJ’s is recalling the Wellsley Farms Organic Peas & mixed Vegetables. You can go to the store for a refund bring receipt if you have it, if not they will look it up in the system.

BJs-recalls-organic-wellsley farms-peas-mixed-vegetables

You can read more about this on BJs website here or on the FDA website here. 


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