7 Things to Never Buy From Warehouse Clubs

After Shopping at a warehouse club for 10 years I’ve learned things that are never a good deal at warehouse clubs like Costco, Sam’s and BJ’s Wholesale. See where you can get a better deal if you are a member of the popular warehouse clubs.


Shopping at warehouse clubs can seem like it costs more to shop then you will save. I’ve been running this website for two years now and can tell you the savings are huge.

I am a frugal person and love getting a deal on everything. If I can’t get an item for sale or use coupons, I usually walk right on by it. I love clearance and BJ’s has amazing markdowns on so many items other than food. Which is very exciting for a work at home mom. 



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Through my couponing and running this website I have found items that continue to be cheaper at my local grocery stores or Target. Today I want to share those items with you. Not to say we will NEVER see a deal on these items at BJs because there are times I find items marked down and we can stack BJ’s and manufacturer coupons. 

These 10 items are the ones when you don’t have a coupon or an extreme markdown on the item you should buy it at a retailer other than a warehouse club. This is the same for Costco. After price comparing to Costco and BJs, these items are frequently the same price.  At Costco, you aren’t able to use coupons, which is a huge downside to shopping there hoping to save even more money.



Check out the FULL LIST of all the BEST Deals at BJ’s Wholesale this week HERE. 



I have found much better deals at Newegg for computers.  The computers seem to be marked higher than any other place online.



This is an item you can usually get for free or less than a $1 at Drug Stores. Don’t be fooled by drug stores. They offer some of the best coupon deals for personal care items.

See our lists here.



BJ’s doesn’t offer their own brand of tuna, yet. If they did this may not be on the list. Tuna at our club is around 75¢ when you use a coupon. I can get it for as low as 47¢ at my local grocery store when I buy the store brand.



Usually, cereal is cheaper at our local grocery store. You do have to watch sizes. I have found that BJ’s will sell larger size bags then what you find at the grocery store. Usually, the average 2 bag of cereal is around $8. If you use coupons you will get it cheaper at other stores. Again this is one item that can fall under a cheap deal if you come across a huge markdown and coupon at BJs.




It takes awhile to come across a 50¢ tube of toothpaste at warehouse clubs. Weekly you will be able to find toothpaste for 50¢ or less a tube. If you use these amazing coupon matchup lists every week, you will quickly be able to have a stockpile of cheap toothpaste for the price of one at a warehouse club.

Use our incredible search the best price tool! Just type in any product for example crest and see who has it on sale this week.





I can always find books for less on Amazon than at warehouse clubs. Especially with Amazon prime members having access to free book titles. Although warehouse clubs have lower prices then you will probably find at stores like Barnes and Noble, with a bit of online shopping you are bound to find a lower price than at a warehouse club.



Holiday Cards

Holiday cards used to be the best buy at BJ’s, until they raised their price. Cards are the full $5, $6 and even $10 at warehouse clubs. I have found great cards at Dollar Tree, or even my local grocery store has a $0.99 card section. Skip warehouse clubs for seasonal cards to send out and hit up Dollar Tree.  It’s crazy to think about paying almost $10 for a card. How many people keep these cards?

It’s the thought that counts, not the higher price tag.


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