3 of My Favorite Keto Low Carb Finds at BJs Wholsale

Looking for Keto friendly items at BJ’s Wholesale club without breaking the bank? Check out these top three items to grab at BJ’s. 



I have never tried a diet in my life.

I’ve made changes to my food habits for sure but never been one to say I’m on this diet. Even now I wouldn’t go as far to say I’m on the Keto diet, but I’m grabbing some Keto baking items and eating more protein and higher fat foods and cutting back on carbs.

My husband has type one diabetes so this is a “diet” that works for him. Of course all in moderation. He still needs some carbs and heck I do too.

Anyways as I was reading some other Keto blogs and adding this delicious low carb grain free tag a long bar recipe to my Pinterest account I was able to score some deals at BJs.

Here are three of my favorite Keto Low Carb Finds at BJ’s Wholesale Club:

keto low carb foods BJs Wholesale

Bob’s Red Mill Almond Flour 2 lbs. $11.99

Just for a price comparison because I love getting a deal look at that Amazon price:

Keep an eye out for BJs coupons and manufacturer coupons to use for Bob’s Red Mill.




keto low carb foods BJs Wholesale


Truvia Baking Blend $6.98 

I shared this awesome deal when I first saw it at our local club in Batavia New York, it sold out quickly in the Rochester Area stores and I still saw some at Batavia just the other day and it’s April.

I already stocked up on a bunch at this price. You can also use a manufacturer coupon here to get it for $4.98.

This one on Amazon is another popular choice for sugar substitute to compare:



keto low carb foods BJs Wholesale


Wellsley Farms Precooked  Bacon 10 oz. $9.99

We  tried the Hormel ( and I have been splurging for the higher cost of having it premade. I do not want to fry up bacon every morning even though it’s the best and easiest to throw it in the oven.) I think the BJs brand didn’t leave a strange after taste like Hormel. And the pieces were thinner.




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What are some of your favorite Keto Finds at BJ’s Wholesale club?