Here’s Why Costco’s Garden Stuff is Way Better Than BJs

Costco Wholesale has a really nice selection of garden items during the spring/summer months.

As a new Costco shopper ( I’ve been a BJs shopper for many years and recently ventured over to a new love-Costco) and am amazed at the selection of plants and flowers compared to our local BJs.

In our area, BJs Wholesale Club and Costco are a little over 2 miles apart. When it comes to plants Costco’s selection is much better than BJs.

Last year I struggled with BJs plants not because the price wasn’t good– I always find wholesale clubs flowers to be cheaper, BUT no one was taking care of the plants.

Check out this image from BJs the same morning ( this was last week) I ventured over to Costco. The plants are wilted and dry. At Costco, there were TWO employees watering, arranging and restocking in the garden area up front.

It drives me crazy to see BJs selling flowers like this.

Look at the area at our local Costco for plants.

There were plenty of trees and shrubs behind me as well. All the flowers are well watered and taken care of.

At BJ’s we usually have three choices of flowers/plants.

Lavender is a nice price for the size at Costco. Two years ago I did end up getting my lavender from BJs and it’s held up.

As I kept walking into the Costco entrance I had more flowers to choose from and bulbs!

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This summer I’ll be heading to Costco for all my flowers and plants.

What about you? Did you realize the selection of flowers at Costco?

Maybe you used to get yours at BJs too but will now check Costco?!

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