11 of the Best Pantry Items to Buy at Costco

Our family is due to stock up on staple items and we will be saving big grabbing these cost effective pantry items at Costco.

Pantry items are common in many recipes and can be found in most pantries from home to home. They tend to have a long shelf life, making them perfect for bulk purchasing.

I love baking my own bread and whipping up a batch of cookies spontaneously. When I make meal plans I count on having certain ingredients on hand and plan my meals around them.

Shopping at Costco is a member-only experience and one that is enjoyed by thousands because you can count on excellent quality and great service. Depending on your family’s needs you may be stocking up on some of these staple items every shopping visit or begin to see a shopping pattern on your trips.

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Today I am sharing my family’s favorite pantry items, always well-stocked thanks to Costco.


Flour is a staple in our home. Cookies, biscuits, pancakes, and bread are consistently made in our home. When you purchase flour from Costco they have a few size choices.

Of course, they have 50 lb bags for those using mass amounts or they have 10-15 lb bags. Prices range from $6-$12.  I usually keep half a bulk size bag of flour in the freezer to keep it fresh.

You can also store flour in an airtight container in the refrigerator for two years. Check out their alternative flour options as well.


Sugar is used in large amounts during the holiday season when cookie and candy making is happening. You can grab this bag 10 lb bag for $4.59 or check out their larger bags and alternative sugar options.


We go through taco seasoning like it is candy around here. Costco has many of the most commonly used spices in large containers at great prices $4.99 -$7.99. We love Costco for spices.

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Your favorite oil is probably at Costco. You can grab vegetable, coconut, olive, canola, avocado or even a Mediterranean blend. Oils have a long shelf life and are a great item to buy in bulk at cost savings.

Our family is really impressed with this avocado oil spray. You can get 2 bottles for only $5.89.


We are pretty excited about the price of this 4.5 lb of chocolate chips for $10.49. . Cookies, trail mix, and ice cream topping are some of our favorite uses.


Six plates of pancakes in our home equal quite a bit of syrup. It completely makes sense to get our syrup in bulk.  You can get this 2 pack, 64 oz containers for $6.99. Costco also carries a great organic brand of syrup.

Organic Stock

Chicken stock is another classic item you need to have on hand when you are meal planning. Costco carries their own Kirkland brand of organic Chicken Stock. It comes with 6, 32 oz containers for $10.79. You can choose from other stocks as well as Bone Broths too.


Tuna is an affordable protein that you can use in a pinch. From casseroles to quick tuna melts, the options are endless and easy. At Costco you can get 8 cans of Bumble Bee Solid White Albacore tuna for $16.69. They do carry chunk light as well.


 I had my first peanut butter and jelly sandwich when I was an adult. My then-boyfriend ( now husband) made it for me. It’s a family favorite and I have probably made over a million of them.

We always have large containers of peanut butter on hand and rotate between the Kirkland Organic for $11.49 or these JIF containers for $8.99.


A million recipes can be made from one jar of tomato sauce. You can easily stock up with 12 cans for $9.49. This is one of those versatile items in a pantry. 

Did You See These?


Forgot to plan dinner? Pair the noodles with any sauce and you have a delicious meal. Noodles can be spruced up a gazillion ways and are a great item to keep stocked well. Costco has several noodle options to choose from, including this double pack of spaghetti for $12.99.

Costco makes it simple to keep these staple items on hand at all times. I hope you were inspired today to create some quick dinners or some of your family favorites.

We would love to hear from you on what your go-to have on hand items are?

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