Top Keto Foods at Costco

Some friends and I were chatting about the keto lifestyle way of eating. The discussion was filled with snack ideas, favorite recipes and of course everyone’s favorite tips.

Changing your way of eating requires one to do some research. What will you be buying? Where will you be shopping? I wondered if you could get many of the favorite keto foods at Costco.

I grabbed my keto expert friend and took her along on my grocery shopping trip. I knew that together we would be able to make a list of all Costco had to offer.

Let’s get into our top keto Foods at Costco this year.

Where should you start? Check out a keto diet shopping list and hit the store.


keto foods at costco

You can choose from an array of meats at Costco that will be perfect. Organic grass-fed options are all over the place. Costco has an amazing price on organic grass-fed beef. You can get 4 lbs for just $19.99.


keto foods at costco

Looking for a higher protein, energy fat loaded option. This organic bacon is priced at $11.99 for 3/12 oz packages.


keto foods at costco

Stevia is a favorite with lovers of the keto lifestyle. You’re going to be stocked to prepare your favorite snacks, flavor your coffee and drinks with this amount. You get 400 packets for $8.99.


keto foods at costco

I live in Wisconsin and we love our cheese. I think one of the reasons that people love keto around here is that it is an eating plan that supports CHEESE! These pre-cut cheese slices are great for snacking or baking to use with dips. This is a 32 oz package for $9.99.


keto foods at costco

You’re going to be using higher fat items for energy. These Baby Bell cheese items are a favorite snack. 32 little foils cost $10.99.


keto foods at costco

Heavy in the fat department you can get a 64 oz container for $10.99.


Kerrygold  Pure Irish Butter is a favorite on keto. You can get a 2-pound package for $12.99.


Fat bombs are about to make you smile. Make as many as you need with 5 packages for $7.99. Search Pinterest for a billion recipes to try.


keto foods at costco

Sticking to something as natural as possible, these protein snack sticks taste amazing and are a favorite in our household. A 36 oz package for $12.99.


We know that Costco is famous for its nut selection. Stick to packages that list just nuts and salt for the best keto-friendly options.


keto foods at costco

Check this nut butter out. You can see the ingredients here. You’re looking for a low sugar option. You can get two of these for $7.99.


keto foods at costco

Keeping things low carb can be tricky. Thankfully the internet is filled with recipes that make your favorite bread items low carb using alternative flours. Almond flour at Costco is $13.49.


keto foods at costco

YES! Convenience always makes life easier right? A mix is perfect for keto because you simply add water and they have combined the perfect flours for you. Try this keto Pancake mix for $13.99.


keto foods at costco

Ohhhhhhh the chip cravings might hit you when you are eating low carb. Try these pork rinds instead, they have 0 carbs and are perfect for the keto lifestyle. The bag is $6.49.


keto foods at costco

For all the protein shake lovers out there you, Costco has this Organic KETO Protein Powder available for $29.99. Let us know how it tastes.

More Costco Shopping Tips:


keto foods at costco

This Rao’s brand of spaghetti sauce can be used in so many recipes. Anyone looking for a brand that has no added sugars will find a win here. Two 28oz jars costs $10.49.


keto foods at costco

Roasted and seasoned this Seatweed is dried and in thin sheets. So many people love this extremely healthy snack. My kids looked at me like I was nuts when I brought it home for them. With zero carbs you might enjoy this option.


keto foods at costco

When you need to throw a snack in your purse and want to stick to your eating plan. These Jack Links Cheese and Sausage stick snacks would be a great option. You get 10 1.5/oz packages for $9.99.


keto foods at costco

Have you tried these? They are SO good. Whisps Parmesan Cheese Crisps are basically just baked cheese, making them a convenient keto-friendly snack option. A bag is $9.79.


keto foods at costco

Costco is my absolute favorite place to stock up on all the veggies and greens we need. Eating keto means your going to be stocking up on eating clean fruits and veggies as well. Need to stretch that budget? Plan the week using up this big bag of spinach. A bag costs only $4.99.

Let us know what keto items you grab at Costco?


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