15 Items that Will Make Your Costco Business Membership Worth It

Are you considering a Business Costco membership? There are so many great benefits of holding a Business Costco membership that you might not be aware of.

The Costco Business Membership benefits include : 

  • $60.00 Annual membership fee
  •  Free Household Card
  • Add Affiliate Cardholders for $60 each
  • Valid at all Costco locations worldwide
  • Purchase for resale
  • Business Members must provide Costco with the appropriate resale information. 

If you own your own business, chances are you are going to need office supplies. As one of the major expenses of any company, cutting costs anywhere is important.

I know you’re wondering. Is it worth it to have a membership to get your office supplies? 

Check out these 15 items you can find at Costco for your business office.

Costco Business Membership


There are so many printer options available at Costco that you will be able to find the one that suits your needs best.  I thought this HP Laserjet PRO was a great option.


  • Print, Scan, Copy and Fax with Ease
  • Wireless Connectivity You Can Count On, With Dual Band WiFi
  • Fastest in Class First Page Out Time
  • Fast 2-Sided Color Printing
  • High Impact Color Printing, Professional Productivity

The regular price is $389.99. Save $90 if you shop between 1/20/20-2/23/20. You can also find it at Costco.com here: https://www.costco.com/hp-laserjet-pro-m281cdw-wireless-color-printer.product.100378270.html


You can get whatever you ink your office needs at Costco. Check out these HP color cartridges for $64.99

You may find what you’re looking for here: https://www.costco.com/CatalogSearch?dept=All&keyword=hp+ink

expo markers at costco-Costco Business Membership


Keep stock in permanent and dry erase markers for various tasks around the office. I know I like them at home as well. The permanent markers ( 25 count) are $13.49 and the dry erase markers ( 18 count ) are $14.99.

envelopes office supplies at costco-Costco Business Membership


Save buying wholesale on this 500 count box of security envelopes for $10.99.

Did You See These Costco Tips?

office paper at costco-Costco Business Membership


We go through quite a bit of copy paper with our at home business. Costco has several paper quality options, we like these 800 count packages for $7.99. Looking for more, check out the 5000 count boxes for $31.99.

ticonderoga pencils costco


Shopping with at Costco with a friend she said: “ You need these pencils! “. I guess I always thought a pencil was a pencil, but apparently these are the best. Costco has them a box of 96 pencils for $8.99.

stapler office supplies at BJs


Staplers are an essential item used in every office. Maybe you need a couple for at home as well. A 2 pack is $ 13.99.

post it notes at costco


Whether you are using these at home or in the office, everyone loves a good sticky note. Items like these are likely to be on discount late summer when school shopping is happening. Costco has this big bundle of 24 small packs for $10.79.


40 ball point Zebra pens for $ 8.99.

scotch scissors at costco


An investment into some quality scissors will be worthwhile. A 3 pack of this Scotch brand is $9.99.

scotch scissors at costco


Do you know how generic items sometimes work exactly the same?  NOT at all true for tape. Scotch works best! 6 dispensers costs $11.99.


Costco had several desk options. If your looking for something simple, this adjustable desk was really unique. You can choose sitting or to stand in height. Comes in the color black and costs $299.99.


Investing in a comfortable desk chair can make all the difference in your mood for the day. LaZBoy is a brand you can trust and I couldn’t believe Costco had this chair for $229.99.


I used to work in a veterinary office and one day the let me use the label maker. It may sound sill but it was extremely fun for me to sit and label and organize everything.

I have always wanted one for at home. They are essential for many offices. This one costs $27.99 and came with some bonus tape for it.


Shred away important information. This medium-sized paper shredder is only $49.99.

Thinking about strolling those office supply aisles at your favorite Costco? Do you use Costco.com to order your office needs?

Let us know what your favorite office supplies are shopping at Costco?

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