Get the Basics for Your Capsule Wardrobe at Costco

Does a simpler life appeal to you? Have you heard of a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is basic, essential clothing items in neutral colors. Typically they are simple fashions and will not quickly go out of style.

The clothing revolves around options like pants, shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, skirts, and jewelry that you can use interchangeably to make multiple outfits.

While a capsule wardrobe is fundamental and not full of color and style, you have items that will work anywhere. So dress it down, dress it up; your closet has what you need ready for any occasion.

To get started with a capsule wardrobe, you need to start with the essentials.

You can find simple and basic options at Costco at low prices. If you are intentional, you can locate items to replace and keep on hand.

Check your Costco for these capsule wardrobe essentials:


Every time I visit Costco, I see these leggings. A 2 pack is $16.99. These leggings are a nice thick material. ( so no see-through mishaps!)

You can wear black leggings to the gym to work with a long sweater, casual or dressy. They are a must-have for any capsule wardrobe.


You are going to want to stock up on neutral camisoles and tank tops. You can usually always find an option over in their undergarments section. This 3 pack of camisoles was only $9.99.

More ways to save at Costco:


Of course, you need 1-2 pairs of nicely fitting jeans and pants. A simple wash will go with more items and can be dressed up or down.

Costco often has name-brand jeans in multiple colors and black dress slacks for under $20.


Depending on where you live, light and thick sweaters are going to be essential. Stick to basic solid colors so you can layer easily. I have yet to see any shirt or sweater priced over $20 at Costco.

Check out some clearance clothing items at Costco here.


Cardigans of all materials are a classic piece. You can wear a cardigan all year round in most states around the country. Cover a summer dress or layer in the colder months.

Grays, blacks, and browns are going to go with anything. If you are desperate for some color, grabbing a bold-colored cardigan would work great. Our Costco had several options under $15.


speedo swimsuits at costco

Costco will carry swimwear at all different times throughout the year. So a swimsuit that you could wear anywhere would likely be simple, supportive, and modest. These Speedo one-piece suits are $19.99.


Of course, you are going to need several basic t-shirts to layer with. Costco will routinely bring new options into stock.

Check for the quality and comfortable fabrics. Choose styles that are flattering to your body style. Basic t-shirts will be under $10 and are often found on clearance.

Believe it or not, these seven simple items give you a pretty good start to your capsule wardrobe. Keep your eye out for simple skirts, blazers, shoes, and comfort wear to complete your closet.

For more ways to save on clothing, check out these tips:

Can you do it? A capsule wardrobe is certainly for a minimalist!

What is your favorite Costco clothing find?

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