9 Must Have Costco Camping Items For Your Family

From Costco camping chairs to tents to everything in between. We’ve picked our top nine must-have Costco camping items.

Going camping with your family is one of those events that make a lifetime of memories. No matter where you live, you can find a place to pitch a tent, start a campfire, and have the best time ever. 

No matter your kids’ age, camping is always a great idea. 

Even if money is tight this time of year, that’s okay! As I said, you can camp anywhere- even in your own backyard.

Not sure where to start? My best suggestion is a trip to Costco! They have everything that you would need to have the best camping trip ever. 

Please keep reading to learn I must have Costco items for camping with your family.

costco tent camping


I have found your new home away from home- this awesome tent from Costco! It’s a 10 person tent, so it’s guaranteed to fit your entire family as well as a few friends.

It’s a fast pitch tent, too, so you can get to the camping fun even quicker than you would expect.

My favorite part? It’s a darkroom tent so that it will stay cool and dark for the entire trip. You will be the envy of the campground with this tent!   

core sleeping bag at costco

CORE Equipment Hybrid Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag from Core Equipment is any camper’s dream come true. After a day of swimming, camping, and cooking smores over the fireplace, this sleeping bag will help you and your family have the sweetest dreams imaginable.

This hybrid sleeping bag is designed to keep you warm- even when the temperatures drop to 30 degrees! 

When you compare this to the Core sleeping bags on Amazon- Costco again is such a deal.

You will definitely use this sleeping bag for years to come on all of your camping adventures!

costco air mattress camping

Air Mattress

Another great camping trick? Bring an air mattress! Depending on where you camp, there are different types of ground.

Some are comfortable while others… not so much. Please don’t risk it! You and your family will need their rest for the days of fun during your vacation. 

Pack this aerobed and have the best night’s sleep ever. This one at Costco is my favorite! It will quietly monitor how firm the mattress is and increase or decrease the amount of air you are resting on.  

More Costco Hacks:

tommy bahama chairs

Tommy Bahama Beach Chair

Full disclosure: I LOVE this camping chair. Seriously. It is comfortable, durable, and I use it all the time. For camping, it’s perfect for a day lounging by the lake. It’s easy to carry with backpack straps, and it has a cooler in the back.   

My only regret was not buying more of these Tommy Bahama chairs, honestly. This is one of those items that I bought for camping and ended up using year-round.

It is so convenient I often pull it out of my trunk for visits to the park, little league games, and other random adventures around town.  

You can see which ones are available at your Costco here.

Costco has a great selection of camping chairs. See more of those here.

Check our Favorite Costco Summer Essentials here.

costco latern

LED Lantern

In case you have never been camping, I have some interesting news for you. At night it can get dark. Really, really dark. You may have the light from your fire, but that’s it. 

When it comes to camping outside, a LED Lantern like this one is a smart purchase. This LED lantern can light up your campground with the click of a button and keep your late-night card game going even if the sun has set.

Still not convinced? This lantern comes with a USB port so you can charge your phone even while you are still camping.

See Lanterns available online at Costco here.

portable grill at costco

Nexgrill Tabletop Gas Grill

When it comes to camping with your family, you want to focus on the fun of it all! You know, making memories by playing games, fishing, hiking, and just plain relaxing with your loved ones while enjoying nature. You don’t want to be consumed with the cooking meal after meal. 

If you are looking for a worry-free cooking experience while camping, this Nexgrill Tabletop grill is the best way to prepare meals for your family.

You will use this grill several times a day- think about it. For breakfast, you can fry eggs. For lunch, a tasty burger. Who knows? For dinner, you could even cook up fish that you caught. 

With this tabletop grill- the sky’s the limit on your camping meals while keeping stress to a minimum. 

igloo cooler costco camping

Igloo MaxCold Cooler

Want a cool summer? Part of the fun of camping is cooking amazing food. You need a way to keep that food at the correct temperature, and an Igloo cooler is the way to go!

The Igloo coolers have been around for generations and are one of the most trusted brands for camping gear- which is why I was so excited to see that Costco was carrying these awesome Igloo Coolers this summer!

Your camping preparations will never be the same after a trip using this great cooler. With Max Cold technology, this Igloo Cooler will keep your food cool for up to 7 days- how awesome is that? 

Check out how much this same cooler is going for on Amazon. Costco for the win again!

Did You See These Deals at Costco?

ThermoFlask Stainless Steel Water Bottle

It goes without saying how important hydration is at any time, but when you are camping, you are moving more, and your need for water will increase.

This is why a water bottle like this ThermoFlask water bottle from Costco is so great. It is easy to carry and will keep the water at a cool temperature for up to 12 hours. 

Even better? Two come in a pack! So you and your partner are covered with cool, refreshing drinks on your hike/ beach day/ fishing/ any camping activity you and your family decide to participate in. 

costco beach towels camping

Beach Towels

While I have no scientific evidence of this, I can confidently say that Costco has the best towels ever. They are large, soft, and incredibly absorbent. I am obsessed with them! 

When I take my kids camping, I try to assign a beach towel to each kid. This gives them their own space to play and keeps them accountable for hanging up their towels to dry in the sun. 

If you look in the picture above, you can see all of the adorable prints too. No matter my summer plans, I always pick up a few of these towels for our annual summer camping trip.  

Let us know what you would add to the list of camping items to grab at Costco?


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