The Ultimate Costco Halloween Must Haves

It’s that time again! Time to gear up and celebrate one of the spookiest days of the year- Halloween!

As always, I can’t help but recommend a trip to your local Costco for some Halloween essentials to make the holiday a blast while keeping your life as stress-free as possible. 

Halloween is a time to be silly, spooky and create lots of fun memories in my family. As a mom with young kids, playing dress-up is a big deal in my house so, Halloween is right up our alley.

I cannot wait to dress everyone up and trick or treating! 

First things first, though- a trip to Costco!

Curious to see what I’ll be grabbing this year from Costco? Keep reading…

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halloween costumes at costco

Kids Costumes

Any seasoned mom knows that Costco is the place to shop for kids’ costumes. Every Halloween, they supply various costumes for kids that will make your child squeal for joy.

From every superhero imaginable to the costume that fits their dream job, Costco will have it.

For us this year, that means one Wonder Woman costume, a pink princess dress, and a firefighter. 

More Costco Fun:

halloween costumes at costco

My favorite part is that these costumes are made with good, quality material. In my house, dress-up is a daily occurrence, and the Halloween costumes get used every day.

It’s super fun and can help spur their imagination in enjoyable, adorable ways! Because of this, though, it’s important to have costumes that won’t fall apart after a few wears. 

Take it from me, Costco Halloween costumes can take some serious playtime and are worth the purchase. You can check out the Costco kids costume selection here!

Halloween Candy

Having enough candy is essential for this spooky holiday, but you don’t want to spend too much money. (After all, Christmas is right around the corner, and mama is on a budget!).

So, of course, Costco is to the rescue! Every year, I grab a few candy bags from Costco, and when I see the same bag for double the price at other stores, I am always surprised.

Save money- shop at my favorite big box store!

Worried about having too much candy? Don’t be. Halloween is just one of those times of the year where you do not want to skimp out on candy.

Whether you pass it out at your own door to trick or treaters or leave a bowl at the front door, you don’t want to be the one family that runs out of candy. 

Another thing to consider is how many outlets ask for candy donations around the end of October. Think about it- I usually grab a bag to donate to my church for their harvest festival, my local women and children’s shelter, and the community center that I work at.

This ensures that everyone gets to enjoy Halloween and a bag of candy from Costco is way cheaper with more candy- everyone wins! 

Lawn Decorations

halloween decorations at costco

Okay, Halloween fans- here are the two Halloween decorations that I saw at my local Costco. These are all spooky, silly, and the perfect addition to your yard decorations this Fall. 

halloween decorations at costco

The little Frankenstein man is my favorite. But, as a mom to little ones, I like to keep Halloween more on the silly end of things (as opposed to terrifying) to avoid nightmares later on.

When I saw this little guy holding his jack o’lantern, I just melted. He looks so proud of his pumpkin, and I think this would be perfect next to my family’s own pumpkin carvings. 

These banjo skeletons are so fun! They are dressed and ready to sit on top of a bale of hay or maybe your front porch swing.

With a sound sensor activation, they play music and have silly phrases to help take your Halloween decorations to the next level. 

Your family can even customize them even more by naming them and giving each skeleton a bit of a personality.

Check out what some Costco employees have done at my local Costco- they gave them name tags and put them to work! This is a great way to add some light-hearted fun to your decorations. 

Did you see these?

halloween decorations at costco

What’s Halloween without a Jack O’Lantern? It’s practically the international symbol of October! So it is important to get a few for your house, and Costco has made it even easier with this awesome Halloween Pumpkin.

Of course, Costco takes the traditional pumpkin and turns it into an even better tradition by adding rainbow strobe lights. For under $30, you can grab this Halloween decoration and be set for years of front porch decorations!

Dinner to Go

One of the most important aspects almost always overlooked with parents on Halloween night is dinner- don’t be this parent! Trust me. A hungry kid is a whiny kid, and a whiny kid means a miserable time for everyone. I don’t want that for you!

This is why I always make sure my kids are full before we leave the house for our Halloween activities, and grabbing a Costco meal that I can stick in the oven makes my life much easier.

It is no secret that they have any meal, so you can grab whatever you know your kids will eat. From their famous $5 rotisserie chicken and a salad to their delicious wraps to a frozen pizza, grab something that you can prep quickly. 

My personal experience on Halloween night is a lot of running around with last-minute costume prep, managing a lot of excited kids, and trying to keep sugar consumption to a minimum (another reason to buy your candy from Costco). So to be able to cross the stress of dinner off your list is just the best thing ever. 

Happy Halloween! Tell me, mamas- what else do you need from Costco for Halloween?


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