Best Gifts From Costco For Men

Buying gifts for your husband doesn’t need to be rocket science. When we keep it simple and just head to Costco, you know that you will find quality items for great prices.

They carry something for whatever your husband wants or needs, no matter his lifestyle!

I am getting my husband presents from Costco- If you know him, please don’t tell him! 

Now I don’t know about your husband, but mine is tough to shop for. So anytime I need to buy him a gift, I try to buy a variety of things, that way I am bound to get at least one thing he wants. 

Curious about what I am buying my husband this year for presents? Keep reading and see!

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I’ve also included Amazon links for those shopping for these items that may not be available at Costco. com.

Norelco Shaver

This shaver is a great gift for any man in your life- especially for your husband! When they need to get a quick shave with less skin irritation- then the Norelco Shaver at Costco is a great choice. I love that it is wireless, and it can cut hair that is wet or dry. 

This shaver is the perfect gift for men on the go

Bonus- smoother kisses for you! 

Wireless Charging Stand

This wireless charging stand for the man who has it all helps him keep it all running! He can put it at his desk or nightstand so that his apple watch and iPhone can run at all times. Plus, with such a sleek design, it can fit into any decor. 

There is nothing more irritating than a phone with little or no power left. This charging station will help keep his life running smoothly! It is wireless so that he can move it around the house easily.  He will love this, trust me!

Added Bonus- it has 2 additional charging ports in the back for your phone!

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Mywholesalelife Nautica Fleece pants


Costco has the best sweatpants for the best deals. While I don’t have any scientific proof for this, I have my own independent research, my conclusion. 

Costco has sweatpants for men and women all year long, but there is something about their clothing line right before Christmas- it is cozier, thicker, and all around the most comfortable. What more could you ask for from a pair of sweats? 

Bonus- it’s almost required that a wife borrow their husband’s sweats from time to time. So really, this is a gift for you too. 

Amazon’s most loved sweatpants for men are a hit, too, at only $15 a pair!

Ring Home Security System

I know this may seem a little silly, but hear me out. The Ring Security System is amazing. It is the most popular security system worldwide- and for a good reason. 

Do you know how I know it’s great (besides all of the amazing reviews)? Costco sells it, and we both know that their standards are high. But, unfortunately, online, they have the 10 pieces only.

Because Costco sells the Ring Security System, you can purchase it for a great price.

This gift may sound a little silly as a gift for my husband, but I know that having something like this will help him relax more. We live in a rural area, and he feels a responsibility to keep us safe.

That is a heavy burden! So if we can use something like the Ring Security System to help relieve some of that stress, I consider that the perfect gift. 

Added Bonus- you’ll sleep better too once the Ring Security System is added. 

Ring security is available on Amazon too.

Seiko Chronograph Rose Gold-Tone Men’s Watch

A watch is a classic gift for any special occasion, and Costco has a great selection of men’s watches both online and in stores. So no matter your husband’s lifestyle, there is a watch for them. From mud-resistant to ultra-luxurious, Costco has a watch that he will love. 

I am looking at the Seiko Chronograph Men’s Watch for my own husband this year. It seems trendy and will fit his style really well. Plus the quality is really great for the price. 

I would recommend a watch from the hunting line (he’s more of an outdoorsman than my husband). That’s waterproof, mudproof, and can track things like temperature and other weather elements that are key for hunting and fishing. 

Added Bonus: He’ll always be on time!

Price compare to Amazon here.

Ray Ban Sunglasses

Is there anything sexier than a man in a really great pair of sunglasses? I didn’t think so. 

These Ray-Bans are great for your husband; I already know it. These were designed to fit almost any face shape, and the lenses are some of the best in the world. Because of that, they will protect your husband’s eyes all year long.

No matter if he is driving the boat, doing yard work, or playing catch in the backyard, the glasses will protect his eyes. 

Plus, Ray-Ban is one of those brands that you know that you can trust. They have a lifetime warranty, so if you need any repairs in the future, then you know that Ray-Ban will take care of them. P

lus the ones at Costco come in a variety of frame and lens colors, so you can purchase ones that your husband will really love. 

Added Bonus – He will look excellent.

Price compare to Amazon here.

In Summary

Purchasing gifts for your husband can be difficult, but luckily Costco takes a lot of the work out of it. You can make him feel loved with any of the gifts mentioned above, I guarantee it.

Next time you are at Costco, keep your husband in mind for any gifts- you will be surprised at how many things you’ll find for him!

Have you purchased any gifts from Costco for your husband? Share below!

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