Our Favorite Kitchen Gadgets at Costco

Costco always has the best options for all of your family’s needs. Whether it is cheap snacks for your kids or what to buy for your kitchen, Costco is there for you. 

As a mom of 3, I am always cooking a meal or a snack. It’s some law or something, I guess. So I knew I needed some help to take my cooking to the next level, and Costco had my back with their awesome selection of kitchen gadgets. 

While I was there, I also grabbed some gifts for the upcoming holidays for some cooks in my life. 

Want to see what I found at Costco with their kitchen gadgets? Keep reading…

kitchen appliances costco

Snapware Pyrex 18 piece Glass Tupperware Set

This brand from Costco is my favorite! I think that anyone would really enjoy these, but especially a cook hoping to make extra for leftovers the next day. 

Not only is glass great for the environment, but it is also better for freezing foods and won’t transfer that chemical taste that a plastic Tupperware can.

Did I mention that this brand of Snapware Pyrex can also go in the oven? This means fewer dishes when reheating your meals, which is a win in my book. 

Another great choice for the organization at Costco on sale is Snapware.

You get a 38 piece set for $19.99!

kitchen appliances costco

J.A. Henckels Elan Series Knife Set, 10-piece

Yes, a knife set! It doesn’t seem that exciting, but I can not think of one adult that wouldn’t be ecstatic over a new set of knives, especially one as great as the J.A. Henckels Elan Series knife set at Costco! 

In most kitchens, your knife set is one that you use almost every day. Unfortunately, knives can get dull with that much use, and the blade can become warped and unusable after a few years. 

If you are really hoping to impress that cook in your life this year, then I cannot recommend this knife set from Costco more. Not only is it affordable, but the quality is also unbeatable. 

kitchen appliances costco

Nutri Bullet Blender

A blender, in my opinion, is essential in a kitchen. However, when it comes to quick and efficient blendings, you cannot do better than the Nutri Bullet Blender. 

Whether you are mixing up frozen berries for a smoothie or roasted tomatoes and garlic for a tomato soup, there are countless ways for you to use one of these blenders. 

I have had my Nutri Bullet Blender for almost a year now, and it still impresses me with how well it works. I got mine for the holidays last year, and I can honestly say that it has held up against three kids and two adults all working/schooling at home, which is impressive for an appliance like a blender. 

kitchen appliances costco

Chef’n 3-in-1 Cold Brew Coffee Maker & French Press

If you are looking for a new coffee maker for someone who considers making a cup of joe more of an art than another task to do in the morning, then I cannot recommend this French Press enough. 

For those of you who don’t know, a french press makes coffee similar to a teapot where the water stews with the grounds for several minutes. This system makes your coffee taste richer and the caffeine content higher- yay! 

This Chef’n cold brew coffee maker and french press will knock anyone’s socks off!

kitchen appliances costco

Emeril Lagasse 4 QT Air Fryer

An air fryer is one of the most popular gifts this year, and with over 700 5 star reviews, this is the best one Costco has to offer. 

The Emeril Lagasse Air Fryer is the best appliance for those looking to cook healthier this next year by eliminating the traditional way of frying in oil. The air fryer cooks up to 70% fewer calories than frying with oil without sacrificing taste. 

We talk about every food that you can traditionally fry- french fries, meat, and even seafood!  

kitchen appliances costco

Cuisinart Vertical Belgium Waffle Maker

On a Saturday morning, there is nothing better than a delicious Belgium waffle, so why not invest in the best appliance to make high-quality waffles? 

The Cuisinart Vertical Belgium Waffle Maker is the perfect addition to any kitchen and makes the best waffles! We are talking light, crispy, and so yummy. 

The vertical design is great, too, because it won’t take up too much space. 

Whether you are hosting a brunch or just treating your family to a new breakfast tradition, then this is the perfect addition to any kitchen! I definitely know of some hostesses that would love this gift!

Nordic Ware 4-pack Quarter Sheets

This is a gift that will thrill anyone who spends time in the kitchen, and it is totally affordable. 

These quarter sheets from Nordic Ware are any baker or chef’s dream! They are non-stick, and the lip around the side is just slightly deeper than your traditional baking sheet. While this might seem like a silly feature, it can make a world of difference when you are looking to back something like a cookie cake. 

These baking sheets are also ideal for storage- they fit on one another so nicely that putting them in a cabinet or drawer doesn’t call for reorganizing the kitchen every time you need to use them. 

Another fun way to use them is to grill with them!

Baum Oven to Table 2-piece Rectangle Baker Set

First things first- this baker set is SO adorable. The detail in the design is enough to make any baker drool. 

Did I buy a set for myself? Yes, I did. 

Will I buy another set for my mother-in-law? Most definitely. 

Aside from the design being super cute, this Baum Oven Baker Set is of great quality that I believe will last for years. It’s 100% stoneware and is dishwasher and microwave safe. 

I cannot wait to whip up some lasagna in these pans this weekend! 

In Summary

Anyone who spends time in the kitchen needs something to help kick their cooking up a notch, and no matter what that is- Costco has your back (as usual). There is no limit on what you can gift your favorite chef, from kitchen appliances to pans to storage, even if that is you!


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