The Unexpected Items I Always Buy at Costco

Costco, is the store you may go to for your traditional items like toilet paper, milk, and chicken, but what about those unexpected items? If you aren’t shopping with tunnel vision or a list, you may find some of your new favorite items that will catch your eye and make you think, “I never knew I needed this until now.”

From delicious gourmet treats to unique seasonal finds, I’m sharing my top pick for unexpected items I always add to my cart at Costco.

And with Costco always changing up its inventory, you get the best of both worlds because you will constantly be discovering new things to love.

12 days of cheese

Gourmet Cheeses

Sure, you may expect to buy a block of cheddar cheese at Costco, but did you know that they carry some of the best gourmet cheeses around? Costco has a wide selection of imported cheeses, from French brie to Italian Asiago. And the prices are unbeatable.

I love every year picking up the 12 days of Festive cheese. You can find this unique pack around the holiday season early November until it’s gone.

You can stock up on fancy cheeses at a fraction of the cost you would pay at a gourmet grocery store. Make sure to check out the cheese section on your next Costco trip.

popular costco wine advent calenders


You may not think of Costco as a place to buy wine, but they have a great selection of high-quality wines at unbeatable prices. Many of the wines Costco carries are from small vineyards that you can’t find elsewhere.

A super fun tradition is picking up the Wine Advent Calendar. You’ll get 24 375 ml bottles of different wines to try.

And the prices are often much lower than you would pay at a liquor store. If you love to drink wine and appreciate a good deal, check out the wine section during your next Costco trip.

jean jacket at costco wholesale club- fall fashion finds

Clothing & Shoes

Costco may not be the first place you think of when you need to buy clothes, but they have a surprisingly great selection of affordable apparel.

Don’t listen to those Tiktoks making fun of those who buy clothes at the same place they buy groceries! We are just shopping smart!

I had to pick up the Well-Worn Ladies Jean Jacket for $20 this fall.

adidas sneakers at Costco ladies - fall fashion finds

You can find everything from running shoes to high-quality winter jackets to trendy sweaters. I had to pick up these Adidas sneakers this year at Costco for $27!

hang ten ladies jacket fall clothing at costco

And since Costco buys in bulk, they can offer unbeatable prices on their clothing items. Make sure to check out the clothing section on your next Costco trip.

starbucks winter blend

Specialty Coffee

Every year I wait for the Starbucks Winter blend. It’s a cozy and affordable way to get my caffeine fix while getting the strong and smooth blend of Starbucks coffee.

All the coffee Costco carries always seems to be cheaper than our local grocery store, but when you can find unique blends it’s well worth picking up.

pre planted herbs and flowers

Plants and Flowers

Costco is the ultimate destination to purchase flowers and plants. Not only are their prices unbeatable, but their selection of plants is outstanding.

From indoor plants to outdoor trees, you’ll find a wide variety of greenery to brighten up your home. This is another item that you will need to visit every season because they are constantly changing up what is available.

There are always unexpected items that make their way into our Costco carts, but they can end up being the best finds. So next time you’re roaming the aisles, keep an eye out for something new – you never know what will become your next favorite unexpected item.

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