Costco Has Candy Heart Grapes & They’re On Sale!

Move over Cotton Candy grapes because Candy Heart grapes are here. I was really excited to see these at our local Costco in Rochester NY today. They’ve been spotted all over the country at Costco too.


candy heart grapes at Costco

The thing is they probably won’t last long.  Costco carried the Cotton Candy grapes earlier in the year but I never saw those at ours.

The original price is $7.99 for 3 lbs. but there is currently a $1 off making each pack only $6.99! This is only $2.33 per pound.

They are not as sweet as the Cotton Candy grapes. My oldest daughter’s honest reaction was- these taste like regular grapes. Until we ate a couple more and they have a unique sweetness.


candy heart grapes at Costco


Let us know what you think about these grapes in our Facebook group for Costco deals. 

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