Sam’s Club Water Cheaper Than BJs!?!

Well, Sam’s Club has cheaper water than BJs! For the longest time, BJs water 48 pack was $2.99! A steal and recently in our Facebook group for BJs everyone including ours too price went up!

Sam’s Club still has water bottles cheaper. Is it enough to make a difference though?

BJs sells a 40 pk 16.9 oz of Wellsley Farms ( BJs brand) water for $3.29 in western New York. Over at Sam’s club its $3.36 for 45 count.

  • 7¢/bottle of water at Sam’s. 
  • 8¢/bottle of water at BJ’s! 

I’m still BJs 100% because it’s closer in our area. Sam’s is in Buffalo and I shop in Rochester! Just thought it would be fun to compare!

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Either way water bottles are a great deal at wholesale clubs!


water bottle prices at BJs