I Went To Costco Just For A Slice of Pizza

Yes, it’s that good. Currently, you can score a slice of Pizza at Costco in the Food Court for just $1.99. I asked the salesman at the front if it was cool if I just went to the food court and paid in cash for a slice of pizza on my lunch break.

Costco Wholesale pizza at costco Food Court Pizza

With a skeptical look, he reached out on the walkie-talkie and made sure.
He said, ” Our last Manager made sure everyone had a membership, our new management changed so I wanted to make sure.” I said, “It’s Okay, every store is different”.

Funny how all these Warehouse stores have the same corporate policy but swing them differently per store. ( Much like BJs Wholesale with their coupon policy)

Do you need a Costco Membership? Sign up for one and get a $10 or $20 Shop Card depending on the level you choose. We reccommend the Executive!

I Made It Past The Front Gate

I was in. And starving. I weighed my options and decided this heavily loaded monster slice of pepperoni was the way to go. I verified if I could pay in cash without the membership and the associate was warm and kind and said, “Absolutely.”

Costco Food Court Pepperoni Pizza Thin Style Affordable Lunch Option

You might think I’m crazy for going to Costco just for Pizza. Even the associate at the front door laughed since were in Pittsburgh. A City with at least 2 Pizza Restaurants on every block. We’ve been voted the best Pizza city just behind Detroit.

I haven’t had Costco Pizza since I was in Raleigh, NC about 6 years ago. How much has it changed? I had to find out.

Thin Style, Large Slice Pepperoni for $1.99

Here in Pittsburgh, Pizza shops feature heavy bread, heavy cheese pies. We have many different styles due to the surplus of Immigrants here.

But many don’t remind me of a typical NY Style Pizza. Costco has that, and for a super low price. You can even grab a large and feed the family for $9.99. Most Pizza chains here are upwards of $13.99+.

Here are my five takeaways on Costco Pizza

  • Good Cheese, not too heavy or greasy.
  • The pepperoni wasn’t too spicy or thick.
  • Huge slice for the price is always nice.
  • The sauce wasn’t too zesty, it was mild and rather sweet.
  • The crust was great for being a thin style.

Other Top Contenders at the Costco Food Court

Double Cheeseburger, Chicken Caesar, Hot Dogs, Italian Sausage, Hot Turkey and Provolone Sandwich, The Chicken Bake, and even Churros!

It seems that most people prefer the Chicken Bakes, Hot Dogs, Pizza and Italian Sausages. What Costco food court item is your favorite? Share yours on our Facebook Group

I Ended Up Purchasing the Membership

Okay, so the Price of Pizza could also be the price of Admission. Which seemed insane. I opted for the Gold Card membership at $60. But as I sat with my slice, I contemplated the benefits the front door salesman jokingly hassled me for. “You could just buy a membership,” he said. And I did!

The price was worth it, and you may want to consider your options as well.

Costco Food Court prices are super affordable. Many overlook this as a substitute for Dominoes, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns or going out to eat. Which become expensive after the cost of travel, tips and delivery fees.

Prices RARELY Change.

Costco prices haven’t changed in years. I liked that.

$2 a slice, or a $10 Large Pizza. Or a Hot Dog and Soda for $2.50. You can request them to double slice the large Pizza so you get 16 little slices, or by standard 8 large slices. This is hard to beat when it comes to feeding the family.

Weighing the Options

I also considered the value in Gas. If you live in Western Pennsylvania gas prices are usually above national average. Right now its about $3.15 a gallon, and I’m sure it’ll rise as we get deeper into summer weather. Gas at the Waterfront Location in Pittsburgh was only $2.97!

I just serve myself and my partner. So two people don’t necessarily need a bulk variety of Food. But we sure could utilize over the counter medicines, Coffee, Laundry Detergent, Paper Towels, Bottled Water, Toilet Paper, Toothbrushes, and other bathroom necessities. I found the things we go through most are often what will make this membership worth it.

Especially the Pizza.

Do you have a Costco close to you? How much do you LOVE Costco Pizza? Share your opinion below or in our Facebook Group HERE


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