9 Secrets to Save at Costco

When you head to shop at Costco you can get really excited about that enormous cart ready to be filled with goodies. Understanding wholesale shopping is important.

There are great deals to be had and knowing how to look for them is key to your success. If you want to learn how to save at Costco try these tips.

 We have been members at Costco for several months and I have loved learning the store. Here are some of the things I just had to share about from my personal experience.


When you walk into Costco you can walk right up to the member service desk to check out the memberships they offer. They have several options for you and will walk you through each one. 

Before you head to Costco I recommend you take advantage of this online Costco membership deal. When I went, I had just missed the deadline so I went with the intention of getting the standard membership for $60.

The customer service at Costco has always been amazing for our family. The lady who helped us had several special offers which she explained in detail with no pressure at all.

costco membership options

We ended up going with the Executive membership which costs $120 and applying for the Citi Costco credit card. Your credit card will be your membership card in one.  Right now when you sign up online here you will also get a $20 Costco shop card with this membership level.

We paid the $120 membership and received $60 cashback on our first statement for the card.

The Costco Executive membership you earn back a 2% rebate annually and if it does not equal $60 by the end of the year they round it up to be $60 even. 

The Citi Costco card, you earn an additional 2% cashback. In addition on sign up, we received a $20 cash Costco card to use that day.

Add those savings up we have paid $40 on our membership and at the end of our year, we will have earned that back as well plus more. 

The Costco Executive membership includes extra services for members including Costco travel and extended warranties on electronics and appliances. It was worth it for our family to ask about extra specials, so make sure you ask. 


I always trust a store that has an amazing guarantee. If they can guarantee money back without questions, it is because they are confident in what they have to offer. Your satisfaction is important to Costco so they stock brands you can trust and price at what you’re asking for.

If at any time you are not satisfied with your Costco membership you can ask for your money back and receive a full cash refund.

In addition, their guarantee applies to their products at any time with the exception of electronics being within 90 days. You can see the full money back exclusions right on their website.


Check out the pricing tags. All regular priced items are priced ending in 99¢ If the item price ends in 97¢ that indicates that it is a clearance or discounted item.

costco secrets to save at costco

Anything outside of this is a local store discount and will vary.  In addition, the little star located on the price sheet informs you that the item will not be restocked. I have been so thankful to know this while shopping.

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That Executive Membership includes all the Costco travel services. Take a second to grab this brochure on your way out next time. Each brochure has fairly detailed information about vacation offers your eligible with the Executive membership.

Costco has trained travel professionals on staff to help you find and plan the best vacation. Our family loves to travel and I was excited to see they offered some Disney Vacation specials. The dollar amount listed includes tax, which I found very helpful.


If you have personal or business printing needs you can save some serious cash by using the Costco photo department. Downloading the Costco app was super easy and I was able to quickly create a personal account and order a few pictures for a business folder I was putting together.

You can upload your pictures to turn into projects, gifts and more. Create business cards, posters, flyers and pick up all of these items right at your Costco ( if it has a photo department on-site) or have them shipped to your home.


You can expect to save up to 25% when you shop for gift cards at Costco. With many things wholesale you save big when you buy big and that means a large purchase amount on multiple gift cards.

Luckily, the variety is huge and you can select gift cards used in many areas of daily life where you might be visiting anyways. Our family wasted no time snatching up discounted movie theatre gift cards.

Check out in-store or online to see what they have to offer and if anything fits your needs.

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One thing I really appreciate about Costco is that their coupon book prices come off automatically.

Monthly they mail a little coupon book where you can page through and see all they have to offer discounted that month. We scan that booklet to the site each time it arrives here.

Costco rotates their sales every 3-4 months so if you see something you use a lot of at a price you love, stock up.

Check out these deals:


If only it was a full-service auto shop you could spend hours having fun while waiting monthly. Instead, you can only do that when you need to spruce up the tires on your vehicle. Costco is listed as one of the best priced tire shops around, so stop in on your next visit if new tires are on your wish list.

Our van will be due soon and after a quick cost check, we will definitely be getting them here. Tell your friends about the tire center and spread the love.

The savings on tires could easily equal the cost of membership and open up the door to all the other incredible savings your already experiencing.


Costco has a huge selection of ready to bake or eat fresh foods waiting for your attention. While the prices are all reasonable they have several items that stand out as exceptional values and make having that membership worthwhile alone.

Costco Rotisserie Chicken MyWholesaleLife Budget Meals

Check out the rotisserie chickens for only $4.99, the enormous pies often at $5.99 and their discounted sheet cakes to save big.

Read our 13 Must Have Thanksgiving Items from Costco here.

Shopping at Costco has been incredibly fun for our family. We are finding so many great ways to save on our monthly grocery bill and many other areas of our life.

I had no idea that Costco offered so much and am learning more every day. I hope these tips help you get started on your own Costco loving journey.

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secrets to save at costco

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