Discount Costco Membership Deal for 2021

Rare Costco Membership Deal

Costco doesn’t offer discount membership deals often and this is the first time I’m seeing the option to score a Costco membership from wherever you are right now.

I’m so excited to share with you the two Costco Wholesale membership discounts.

For a limited time when you sign up for a Costco Membership online here you will receive a $10-$20 Costco Shop Card.

Costco has more than 750 stores worldwide!


costco grocery haul


A Costco membership is valid for one year at all Costco locations worldwide.

You can choose from the Gold Star Membership for $60 a year. Or the favorite option from many shoppers, especially in our Facebook group here is the Gold Star Executive Membership.


The Gold Star Executive Member will receive an annual 2% Reward (up to $1,000)* on eligible Costco and purchases, plus additional benefits on select Costco Services. If you shop Costco frequently the membership will pay for itself.

Here’s what some of the members in our Facebook group have said about it.


  • U should always start with it. If u don’t get enough back u can get a refund. We don’t make big purchases thru Costco and it always pays for itself in full.”
  • “We have it and it’s worth it – we buy all our tires and what not there.”
  • “Yep, have always gotten more than I paid for back in over a decade. “
  • “Worth it. I spend enough in diapers and wipes to make it worth it”


We also did a post here on how to save the most money at Costco and one of our writers has this membership and shares a little more about it with her family of six. 


Follow these steps to score your Costco Membership Discount

  1. Go here and purchase your Costco Membership Activation Certificate . Choose from the Gold Star Membership or Gold Star Executive. $60 or $120 a year.
  2. Get your Costco Membership Activation Certificate by email.
  3. Bring your Costco Membership Activation Certificate to any U.S. or Puerto Rico Costco location to join as a new member. Your Membership Activation Certificate will then be converted into a Costco membership and you’ll receive your membership card.
  4. Costco Shop Cards will then be mailed within 4 to 6 weeks after you join Costco.

costco membership expect bag

When you get a Costco Membership they give you a little welcome bag! If you are brand new check out my tips for shopping Costco for the first time here. 


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Please be aware  the Membership Activation Certificate is not valid toward the renewal of an existing membership or an expired membership. To qualify as a new member, an existing Costco membership must be expired for 18 months or more.






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