23 Healthy Snacks to Grab at Costco

If you’re looking for a great place to pick up healthy and nutritious snacks, you will be ecstatic walking around Costco. Costco has an incredible variety of health-focused snacks. Today I am sharing a whopping 23 different options to choose from.

I have to be 100% honest when it comes to snacking in our home. We have four kids, and they love grazing between meals, and they love junk food.

If you open up my pantry, you will find some pretty awesome nutrient-rich snacks like I am sharing today, but you might also find some cheese puffs, cookies, or chips.

I love health and wellness and know the importance of helping my kids find balance in the foods they choose. We consume a ton of fruit and veggies and keep our snacking and treats to two a day.

Costco really does have a pretty amazing selection if you are looking to expand some of your healthier options.

If you need tips to stock, your pantry tries this.

best healthy snacks at costco


You can grab this 16 oz box for $6.89 of cauliflower crackers. As a mom, I am constantly looking for ways to sneak veggies into the meals I make. I feel like a mom must have invented these by sneaking in the cauliflower to the already loved cheese cracker. We all sampled these in the warehouse, and they earned a thumbs up kid approval.


A 30 oz box for $9.69 is a great deal for a cracker loaded up with flaxseed, black sesame seeds, and chia seeds. These are filled with fiber and are great snacking options for anyone.


These were some of the first granola bars we tried at Costco, and they are kid-approved. After spending a fortune on other store brands looking for something that would actually keep my kids full for more than five seconds, a friend recommended trying these.

They come in chocolate peanut butter and dark chocolate sea salt. You get 24 bars in a box for $18.99.

healthy snacks to grab at costco


This Mega Omega trail mix is loaded with a pretty amazing combination. It is walnuts, dried mango, almonds, cranberries, and pumpkin seeds that give you omegas, fatty acids, antioxidants, protein, and vitamin B. This particular version comes in a 26oz bag for $8.99.


Here you can get the Mega Omega snack bags and try the High Energy and Antioxidant Mix snack bags.

The High Energy has dried pineapple, banana chips, coconut, cranberries, walnuts, cashews, and papaya, where the Antioxidant blend has raisins, walnuts, dark chocolate, blueberries, pecans, and cranberries. These come with 24 snack bags for $ 16.49.

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healthy snacks to grab at costco


Have you ever tried roasted hazelnuts? These are a great heart-healthy, antioxidant superfood snack to munch on. Natures Garden 26oz bag is $11.79.


Costco is loved for its nut prices, and I know why when I see pistachios. Pistachios are so expensive in regular grocery stores, but at Costco, you can grab this 3 lb bag for $18.79.

A bag this size should last you quite a while as a serving size of nuts a day is recommended.

healthy snacks to grab at costco


That’s it. Mini Fruit Bars only have two ingredients. These definitely caught my mamma’s eye and are perfect for throwing in the lunch box or diaper bag.

They taste pretty good for not having any additional sugar added. You get 24 of them for $13.99.


Costco has a pretty large variety of jerky choices available. I saw turkey and different flavored beef options. This brand by Pacific Gold is an all-natural original flavor and comes in snack packs perfect for keeping my kids eating a proper portion.

You can get 12 single servings for $17.79, or you can grab the regular 16oz bag for the same price.

healthy snacks to grab at costco


You can find these in the chip aisle in a 20 oz bag for $5.99. Off the Eaten Path, veggie crips are made with rice, peas, and black beans. They certainly would be healthier options for your favorite dip.


I am not sure these will trick the kids into thinking it is a regular cheese puff, but we were happy to sample them recently on a Costco adventure.

Knowing they are made with organic chickpeas and vegan white cheddar, I definitely give them a stamp of approval for a healthier alternative. An 18oz bag is $6.89.

Popular Costco Deals:

healthy snacks to grab at costco


Calling all salsa lovers who can not help themselves. These Late July Sea Salt Multigrain Tortilla chips are delicious.

They are loaded with chia, flax, millet, quinoa, and amaranth, which will be a lot easier on the digestive tract than your typical corn or flour chip. I found a 28 oz bag for $6.69.


These are perfect little snack bags for kids heading to nut-free environments at school. They are free from all tree nuts, soy, dairy, peanuts, and eggs. You get 20 bags for $10.99.

healthy snacks to grab at costco


No matter what nut combo is your favorite, I am pretty sure you can find something you like at Costco. Here they have little nut clusters filled with cashew, pumpkin, and almonds. A 32 oz bag is $9.99.


Organic INNO foods Dark Chocolate Nuggets come in an 18 oz bag for $10.69.

healthy snacks to grab at costco


Organic INNO Foods Coconut Clusters come in an 18 oz bag for $8.59. Filled with Super seeds such as pumpkin, sunflower, and chia.


Pure organic has this yummy fruit bar in pineapple passionfruit and strawberry-banana flavors. They are quite small, but my kids do love them. You get 24 bars for $12.39.

healthy snacks to grab at costco


To keep things simple, you can also pick up this box of 30 Kirkland Nut Bars for $18.49. It certainly is one of the more budget-friendly items and is simple to pack on the go in a hurry. They are each drizzled with a cocoa sauce and sea salt, filled with almonds, cashews, and pecans.


Autumn’s Gold has this great GRAIN FREE granola bar. Filled with almonds, pecans, maple syrup, honey, coconut, pumpkin seeds, cinnamon, sea salt, and vanilla, it definitely has flavor and texture. You can get 16 wholesome bars for $14.99.

healthy snacks to grab at costco


Crunchmaster Multi-Grain Crackers brought mixed reviews to our home. A big thumbs down from all four kids, but thumbs up from mom and dad.

I think they would be great with a cheese spread to help make them more palatable to the kiddos. In any event, Costco has them a steal of a deal, 28 oz for $7.89.


Probiotic Antioxidant Berry Mix. This bag is 26 oz for $4.97

healthy snacks to grab at costco


You can get 40oz of organic dried mangoes for $16.99.


Organic roasted seaweed might be your favorite healthy snack if you give it a try. You can get it for $9.49.

You can see that you will not lack in the options department for healthy snacks at Costco. You can feel perfect about your choices stocking up on some of these favorites for your entire family.

Looking for nut-free snacks for your kids? You can check out those here.

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