5 Grocery Staples You Need to Try at Costco

It was not that long ago that I wondered if getting a Costco membership was right for our family. So if you’re still asking yourself the same question, it’s time you leap.

At first, you may feel overwhelmed. Or you buy too much. But, quickly, Costco shoppers realize we need a plan. A plan that will save money. Learning what foods are a must-have at Costco is key.

Looking to stock up the fridge and freezer? Hosting a party? Just need paper products? Shopping for Costco for one-stop convenience may be your answer.

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Each time we wander down those aisles, I decided to try something new. So I came up with 5 MUST-HAVE Costco items that will have you running to grab that membership.

If you have to shop from your pantry, or cook meals using only what you have, read this article and or watch the video. It’s 3 simple steps that will completely change the way you grocery shop.


grocery staples at costco

These peaches! Why did it take me so long to try these peaches? They were one of the first items recommended to me and one of the last to try. Thank goodness for bulk because two jars were gone at one lunch. Costco sells these in packs of 4 for $9.99.


grocery staples at costco

This liter bottle of Organic Syrup is a Costco favorite for sure. However, for $9.99, this is a serious steal compared to regular grocery stores’ organic syrups.

Fully-Cooked Bacon

grocery staples at costco

Who knew? I would have NEVER tried cooked bacon without a ton of my friends recommending it. This was really nice for our busy school mornings.

I thought the price was a bit steep, I know I can get uncooked bacon for less, but it was comparable to other local grocery store costs. It had good flavor, and if you’re looking for that high convenience option, you will want to try this. 1 pound is $9.99.

More Costco Tips:


grocery staples at costco

This Kirkland turkey breast deli meat is one of our favorite purchases. You find it over in the cooler section. YOu get 3 individual packages that help keep it fresh. Each slice is thick and has a great texture for deli meat.


grocery staples at costco

Our family really loves the $4.99 fully cooked rotisserie chickens. Chicken is so versatile, and at Costco, you can stock the freezer up with this uncooked breast meat.

They have approximately 3 lb packages for $12.99. I can see why people love having this option and keep it on their list every shopping trip.

All 5 of these items are Costcos’ own store-brand Kirkland. I love that every Kirkland brand item I try is quality. I can count on them to carry items that we not only want and need but, at a cost, we can love.

Do your Costco hauls have any of these 5 Must-Have Items? What have we missed for your family?


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