Huge 18″ Pizza at Costco Under $10 | Easy Dinner

I went to Costco to grab some Maple Syrup, 2 64 oz Bottles for $6.99 and some Frozen Fruit. We are hooked on Costco’s Food Court, and often grab something before we leave.

We’ve ordered slices of Pizza, and even made bets to get lunch under $5.

If you are wondering if you can order Costco pizza online? The answer is no. But maybe that will change? Or maybe it shouldn’t! You can always call ahead to place your order- for pick up.

pizza at costco review and prices

Now We’re Trying A Whole Pizza

I mentioned getting a Pizza after our shopping. We decided on a Pepperoni Pizza. We told the cashier we’d like to order a Pepperoni Pizza and two sodas.

We asked her how long it would take, she said ” Just 10 minutes.” Only other place I’ve been where we get pizza so cheap and fast is Little Caesars.

If you need a Costco membership deal sign up online and get a $10 or $20 Shop card with purchase!

My Total:

pizza at costco review and prices

We filled up our Soda Pops, waited in the Cafe area, and sat down on the table. You can easily park your cart alongside you too which is nice.

They ask your name, write it down on a ticket and submit the order. You can Choose between Cheese, Pepperoni, or Combo which is like a Supreme Pizza.

10 Minutes Later..

We got our Large 18″ Pepperoni Pizza, and verified our purchase by reciept at the front door.

Within 20 minutes we were home. The Pizza lost some heat so we stuck it in the oven at 350 degrees. 30 Minutes later, we were starving and ready to smash!

pizza at costco review and prices

How Big? And How Many Pepperonis?

pizza at costco review and prices
I could barely hold the thing with one hand.

This Pizza needed no “doctoring”. No extra cheese, or ingredients from the Fridge. The bread was fresh, the pepperoni was plentiful and not too spicy. I’ve really come to like the sweeter sauce too. Its not overpowering.

We all need a break.

This was a fantastic Budget Dinner option, and I didnt have to cook. Most importantly, it was only $9.95 for an 18″ Pizza.

Of course we had left overs.

The price for this Pizza around here is a heck of a deal. We have a ridiculous amount of Pizza shops here in Pittsburgh. And they all average about $15- $17 for an 18″ Pizza, even more if you factor in delivery.

Costco is about 8 minutes for us, so it’s a no brainer. And we plan on making this easy budget dinner decision again.

Have you tried Costco’s Food Court large 18″ Pizza for Dinner yet?



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