Get Lunch For Two Under $5 At Costco’s Food Court

My girlfriend and I went to Costco for lunch. I encouraged her that we could get something for under $5 for the both of us. She doubted it, figured for the price the options would be terrible and the quality sub par.

The bet was on!

Typically we spend about $20+ on a lunch for two. It almost seemed impossible to spend under $5.00. I never want to be wrong. So let’s hope I’m right!

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Our Experience Together at Costco

This was my girlfriends first time at our local Costco Wholesale. As we walked around she was eager to try various samples and check out their prices.

We had fun as we passed by the sausages and cheese samples. Both of us compared prices on local produce to other competitors. We loved browsing the middle of the store for clothes.

We even discovered that we would’ve overspent on toilet paper by doing the hard math! Teamwork!

She was really excited to see Calvin Klein tops for $6 a piece, some of her favorite Biscoff Cookies and lots of options for bread and baked goods.

After our tour of Costco, and brief shopping we decided to head out and stop at Costco’s Food Court.

Are you new to shopping at Costco? Read Here on what to expect.

Costco’s Food Court- The Menu And Main Event

Costco Food Court Menu Lunch Cheap Affordable Variety Pittsburgh

She immediately took back what she said about prices and selection.
“They have a ton of stuff, and its so cheap!”

We were planning on dinner, and decided on a Stir-Fry based off ingredients we had at the house to save some money. So we got a few things to hold us over.

I did mention the option of a whole Pizza for $9.99. And I’ve stated previously how much I love Costco’s Pizza. Oh well, I tried. I guess I’ll be cooking..

So What Did We Order?

Costco Lunch Date Cheap Hot Dog Drink Churro Frozen Yogurt Food Court Cafeteria

I decided I’d grab a hot dog combo with a drink for $1.50, and Keya ordered a Churro with a Frozen Vanilla Yogurt to dip it in for $2.35.

She loved the Churro, and said she’d get it again. She couldn’t believe how big everything was and how it was so cheap. She is rather particular about her soft serve and didn’t like it as much as she’d hoped.

The Hot Dogs are MASSIVE! You can pile on Relish, Onions, Ketchup and Deli Mustard to your satisfaction. I loaded up my Hot Dog, and grabbed my pop. ( If you can’t find onions they are in the big metal crank at the end of the condiment counter. I was cranking away to get some fresh onions! )

Oh, and the Pop has FREE refills, so you could refill it while shopping, or before you leave the store.

If you are wondering how Costco’s Food Court nutrition is there is an entire post about all the calories of their menu here.

This was my first time trying the Hot Dog at Costco, and I was rather surprised. Costco’s Hot Dog combo is one of the most popular menu items.

It’s an all beef Hot Dog, so it tasted more like Hebrew National or even Nathan’s. It was fresh, and the bun was big enough to hold the hot dog.

There’s plenty of picnic tables to sit and even park your cart close by. We enjoyed our lunch. I enjoyed our price even more.

Costco Cafeteria Reciept Affordable Cheap Lunch Price Costco Food Court

Our Total Was Our Area Code.
And Under $5. I Won!

Go Pittsburgh!

My girlfriend was pretty convinced she’d be back and even thought she’d need her own membership. I assured her I could add her to the household membership and she could come get a Churro or Chicken Caesar Salad anytime! No need to spend another $60.00 for a membership.

She shared with me how easy the experience was, and how the store reminded her of Ikea, which we frequent when we feel crafty and visit the As-Is section.

Compare Costco Memberships HERE

Our Store has been great both times we’ve visited and will certainly go back for a slice of pizza, or more Churros! This is one of the three local Costco Wholesale stores in our area. Trust me, Yinzers need a Costco Membership.

What Do You Think Of Costco’s Food Court?

Let us know on our Facebook Group, Whats your favorite menu item, and how much do you typically spend?

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