Our Favorite Young Kids Activities from Costco

Times have changed in 2020 and we are all adapting. Less of a schedule means more free time for your kids to explore, imagine, and create- all good things!

When it comes to free time, I find that sometimes kids might need some help. You know, something to encourage a few hours of fun in order to let you do whatever you need to get done. You know, like attending that meeting, do the dishes in peace, maybe even take a shower. (don’t worry- that is my current to do list so there’s no judgement on my end).  

There are countless ways to help your children entertain themselves and show them love! So I compiled a list of some of the best ways to help encourage your kid to do what kids do best- play!

Want to see my top recommendations for the best Kid Activities from Costco? Keep reading…

Outdoor Play

Looking for the best ways to encourage your children to use their imagination and burn off tons of energy? Then I cannot recommend some good old fashion outdoor play. 

Of course, you can always check out my article 25 ways to keep kids creative juices flowing on The Frugal Farm Girl, but if you are looking for more opportunities to just hand a toy over and watch them play, then I cannot consider these toys from Costco more!

Exacto Felix Sandbox with Protective Canopy

Sandboxes are one the oldest and best activities for sensory play. Think about it- what childhood doesn’t involve a sandbox?

While I just had some sand in a homemade box made of 2×4’s, Costco has taken the sandbox into the 21st century with this awesome cover! When its down, it keeps the sand dry and clean and when your kids are ready to play, you turn the handle and the cover becomes a shaded area! Pretty neat, right? 

ZÜM BUGZ Ride-on

Watch your child’s imagination, creativity, and ingenuity soar as they scoot around in your choice of bug! From ladybug to bumblebee, the sky’s the limit with these adorable toys. 

Looking for the most adorable toy for your little bug? Look no further than this Costco Toy, the ZÜM BUGZ Ride-on. Made from harvested wood, with a soft foam body, this toy is perfect for kids 2 and older. 

Costco Books for Kids

Yes- of course! Books!

What is better to spark your child’s mind than a classic book? Head to Costco and check out their awesome book section (seriously, it is the BEST). No matter what books you choose, your kid is going to be SO excited for their new stories. 

I took some time and wrote out some of my family’s personal favorites. The ones that we all loved, learned from, and thoroughly enjoyed reading time and time again.  

Check out my Costco books for kids recommendations below!

Disney My First Smart Pad Library: Activity Pad and 8 book Set

This awesome kit from Costco has hours of educational fun- perfect for the 2020-21 school year! Help your young kids learn the alphabet, colors, spelling, songs and more with the Disney Activity Pad and book set.

There is even your choice of Disney characters to help your kids get even more excited for this toy. 

Choose from Mickey Mouse Club House, Disney Princess, and Pixar! I know which ones my kids would love- do you?   

My First Science Library: collection of 8 Board Books

This is the perfect first gift for the future family scientist! These books are adorable and educational- you might even learn a thing or two yourself with these board books. 

My first science library covers topics like rocket science, quantum physics, Electro-Magnetism, plus 5 more. The best part? This adorable collection is all for babies! 

With hundreds of positive reviews, this collection of First Science Library is a win for your little one!

New Roald Dahl Book Collection: 

You read that right! The classic Roald Dahl stories are all in this adorable book collection with 16 all new covers. Sit with your kids and relive the exciting adventures of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, explore with the BFG, or watch things fly with Matilda! 

This set is for ages 8 and up and is the perfect addition to your home library.

Independent Play

I get it, sometimes you just need to be able to sit down, drink your coffee in peace while your kids play quietly. This is truly heaven, in my opinion. This is where independent play can come in for a successful morning routine.

I wrote out what I consider my ‘winners’. You know, the slam dunk of toys that your kids will explode with excitement over and play quietly for hours with. 

Want to see what toys I bought from Costco so I could write this article in peace? Check them out below!

For our Favorite ways to Organize toys using items from Costco tap here.

lego sets at costco


Everyone loves Legos and Costco is the place to get them. They always have the hottest sets for great deals based on what your kid is excited about. Frozen 2 set? You can find it there. Ninjago? You betcha. 

The worst part about this toy is that you might want to buy yourself a kit too. Like I said, everyone loves Legos. 

If you are new to shopping at Costco check out the list of the new toys last year that came out in time for the Holiday season here.

Pokemon Cards

Calling all card collectors! This kit with Pokemon Cards is the best thing ever. It has hundreds of pokemon cards, making this kit the best collection of Pokemon cards that anyone has ever had.

This kit is guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment just opening and organizing all the exciting cards, not to mention when the games begin! 

More Costco Tips:

American Girl WellieWishers

I’m going to warn you right now- my 5 year old daughter almost exploded when she got this American Girl WellieWIsher this past week.

This adorable doll is the perfect addition to any doll collection. The magical fairy kit from Costco comes with a variety of accessories too, helping your little one engage in hours of imaginative play. 

Did I miss anything?

What toys must you have toys from Costco for your kids? Comment Below!


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