Our Top Kindergarten Items from Costco

In my house, this is a big year for us. I know school will look different this year, but that doesn’t change that; my oldest is starting kindergarten, and I need to prepare. 

I took some time to run to my favorite big box store Costco and grab a few things that will help make this a great year. No matter how school is going to look for you this year, Costco has many items to keep your kid entertained, learning, and looking great. 

Interested in what I bought my Kindergartener from Costco? Keep Reading and find out!

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kindergarten items from costco

New Shirts

I will be honest with you, because of virtual learning, I was really looking forward to not going back to school shopping this year for new clothes.

It’s just a lot of pressure for everyone involved, and my especially picky daughter never makes this task easy. 

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Unfortunately for me, my kids are still growing and still need new clothes. Luckily, there is Costco. 

They had the most adorable Eddie Bauer shirt bundle for little girls that I had to grab for her, and at 3 for 12.99, it was totally worth it. So now, she will have tops that fit, and she will look nice for the camera once the video chats begin. 

This Shirt pack is from Eddie Bauer and comes with three shirts- grey, pink, and teal. 

kindergarten items from costco

Anatomy Book

Another thing that I love about Costco is that they always have books that pique my kid’s interest. Right now, if it has to do with anatomy and body systems, my 5 years old want to know all about it. 

I found this book in the book section for less than ten bucks. It is packed with simple information to learn all about digestive systems, nervous systems, muscular systems, and whatever else is piqued her interest.

If anatomy isn’t your thing, Costco carries a ton of awesome books for age-appropriate kids and focuses on whatever subject they are interested in.

From bugs to outer space to princesses, whatever your kid is interested in, I am confident that you will be able to find it at Costco. 


For less than $8, Costco has some awesome workbooks for every elementary-age from preschool to 6th grade. So while we have chosen to participate in virtual learning, I anticipate supplementing whatever my daughter is learning with some extra work. 

These books are huge and will definitely help your kids learn whatever they are going over in class. On the cover, you can see what the subjects are, and inside, the book is packed with awesome activities that are engaging and educational. 

These books are age-appropriate, and sitting with her while she does this is a perfect excuse to spend some one-on-one time with her.

I anticipate that this kindergarten workbook will become an activity for her and me once or twice a week. It should be fun!

kindergarten items from costco

Lego Kit

I know that I have shared my love for Legos on here before, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Lego’s is just one of the few things in life that my 5-year-old will actually stop moving and be creative for more than a few minutes.

We have a huge tub of them, and when I pull them out, it is a huge deal in our house. 

The biggest issue? We need more! Now that my other two kids are getting bigger, they are starting to show an interest in them, so I know I will need to increase our selection pretty soon. So, of course, my answer is Costco. 

They have the best set of legos right now for sale! We are talking thousands of lego pieces for under $40. That is unheard of! I bought the kit, and I am waiting until school starts to unveil it (as Mom, I have to keep things special, you know?). 

I cannot wait to see what my kids create with this awesome Lego Kit, and I am also planning to use them for school. Since Kindergarten is when kids begin reading, I plan to use the legos to spell out letters- we’ll see. 

kindergarten items from costco

Popcorn Kernels

Okay, this is technically for me (because I love popcorn, but come on, who doesn’t?), but I think this should be on the list of important things for kindergarteners because something about air-popped popcorn makes things more special. 

Making a trail mix? Add in a cup of popcorn.

Watching a movie? Add in a bowl of popcorn.

Going on a long drive? Bring a bag of popcorn. 

You get it. 

Popcorn has a magical way of making a normal, boring thing into something super exciting, so I always have this popcorn on hand for my family. Costco, of course, has the best price with this giant container of Orville Redenbacher for just 9.99. Trust me; you want this on your list!

If you don’t have an air popper, grab one here. It’s the best.

For more snacks to feed the kids when your stockpile dwindles, tap here.

Bob Books

This last thing that I bought for my Kindergartener this year was recommended to me by her preschool teacher at the end of last year- the Bob Books. These book collections are great at helping your child learn how to read. 

Through sight words and simple reading skills, the Bob Books have helped millions of children learn to read. This year, I am excited to add my own daughter to that list. 

This Costco Kit has awesome tools for both kids and parents to help them learn how to read. It comes with the books, a parent guide, a door hanger, and over 100 stickers! I cannot wait for my daughter to start reading with the Bob Books from Costco!

What did I miss? What are you getting for your Kindergartener this fall for a great year?


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