7 Easy Ways Moms Can Indulge in a Little Me Time

Self Care for moms is more important than ever this fall. Between all of the normal responsibilities that motherhood brings and what fall is bringing to us in terms of a new normal for education, there is a lot on every mother’s plate right now. 

Here’s what I know- with so much going on this fall, self-care is essential for a mother’s sanity. 

With this in mind, on my weekly trip to my favorite big box store, I kept my eye out for some new items for moms to focus on relieving stress this school year.

Of course, Costco knew what I needed and delivered some great items to help me keep my sanity with my kids this year. 

Interested in what I bought as part of my ‘mom mental health survival kit’? Keep reading…

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For me, exercise is always a top priority for relieving stress and calming my anxiety. So here are two things that I grabbed the second I saw them at Costco!

Lolë Foam Roller

Did you know that most of our stress ends up in our bodies? Our muscles can hold onto anything causing you anxiety and make your muscles tight.

I cannot recommend this foam roller from Costco enough to loosen that tension and let go of some of the worries. 

I love to foam roll after my kids are in bed so that I can really target any muscle knots, increase my circulation, and relax all of my muscles before bed.

It is the perfect routine to help me calm down, so I am ready for whatever my kids throw at me the next day. 

Yoga Pants

As a personal trainer, I always recommend that my clients check out the workout clothes from Costco- especially their yoga pants!

In my experience, they always pass the ‘squat test’ (which means that the fabric is thick enough that it won’t become see-through if you squat down), and the quality is outstanding. 

These high-waisted yoga pants are in my personal wardrobe for training, park days, and lounging around the house. 

These pants will help you feel like a million bucks!

Spa Time

Taking time for yourself is super important, and I know that you deserve a spa day!

Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt Bath

Epsom salt is full of magnesium- a mineral that most women are deficient in. So taking an Epsom salt bath is the perfect way to absorb a lot of magnesium through your skin in a safe way that is very calming. 

This Costco deal of Dr. Teal’s Epsom salt baths is great! It’s cost-effective, and the scents are so soothing. I like to take 20-minute Epsom salt baths after tough days with my kids. It helps me calm down and make a plan for the following day. 

No Sheet, It’s Silk Face mask

There’s something about a face mask- right ladies? I can’t describe it, but that 15-minute mask does wonders for your skin and your mental state. The No Sheet, Its Silk face mask kit from Costco definitely does not disappoint either!

No matter the type of skin you have (oily, dry, combo), this kit can help. No matter how my skin is acting, I can help it with one of these masks. 

While I recommend combining your face mask with the Epsom salt bath, it is not required to help you feel your best. So now go get that glow on!

Butter London Nail Kit

Having my nails done- there is just something to this to help me feel my best. I can’t describe it! Even if I don’t have a lot going on (like the past several pandemic months), I still like to have my nails done. So, of course, when I spied this Butter London nail kit during my last visit to Costco, I knew I had to have it. 

With colors like Coming Up Roses, a rosy pink crème, and Broody, a raspberry crème, you can have your nails painted all year long and feel your best with this kit from Butter London!

Sweet Treat 

Sometimes you need a special snack (or drink) to help you relax. Here are two of my favorite purchases from Costco that are 100% for mom. 

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Party Pack

I think every mom needs a secret chocolate stash somewhere. (Or multiple places- whatever!) and if you are going through all the trouble to hide a delicious treat to help you get through potty training or the 15th tantrum, it might as well be good chocolate. 

Not just good- the best. Rocky Mountain has some of the best chocolatiers in the world, and they want to share their deliciousness with you with the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Party Pack at Costco– Hooray! 

All you need now is an empty shoebox or maybe an oatmeal container to hide these amazing chocolates now. 


It is no secret that Costco carries some amazing adult beverages, and other retailers cannot beat their wine selection. Their prices, the range of prices, and the options are perfect when you need a glass of wine to unwind from a day of virtual learning. 

Trust me; you deserve a glass of wine. 

Costco carries all sorts of wines and packages to help you get the best deal. One of my favorite wine bundles is the Cavaliere d’Oro Red Wine Assortment, where you get a good amount of wine for a great price.

In Conclusion to Items to buy at Costco for Mom’s Self Care

Sometimes just visiting a Costco is enough to help you feel well cared for (at least it does for me). Luckily when you need a little something extra, Costco is there for you for any treats, spa times, or any exercise equipment that you may need. 

I’ve said it before, and I will repeat it- Thank Goodness for Costco!


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