Review on My Favorite Skin Care Collection at Costco

With winter fast approaching, keeping my skin hydrated is important. Here in Upstate New York we get serious wind that leaves my skin feeling chapped.

After giving the entire collection of Skinesque a try, I’m excited to share I won’t be worrying about dry skin or my budget.

This line is on sale currently and quite affordable.

But aren’t most things offered at Costco?!

For the last few weeks I’ve been using Skinesque. They offered me their entire set to try and are giving one of my readers a chance to win the entire set as well.

This means you can see for yourself how amazing this skincare line is.

This skincare line would be a great addition to self care items for moms we shared at Costco here.

*UPDATE We have picked the winner. Please congratulate Sandy P. Winner has been notified by email and has 48 hours to respond before a new winner is picked.

skinesque skincare review costco

Here are the Skinesque items I tried and the items you will be able to win as well.

 Enzyme Cleansing Powder, a Moisture-Lock Cream, a Deep Sleep Overnight Mask,  Wake Up and Makeup Sheet Mask

skinesque skincare review costco

Let’s start with this Skinesque Enzyme cleansing powder.

skinesque skincare review costco
skinesque cleanser costco

It was my first time trying a powder as a face wash. And it’s a blast to use. The best part is, you don’t need more than a dime size. Mix a little water and you have a nice lather to wash your face with.

If you purchase at Costco it comes with two bottles for $23.99.

skinesque skincare review costco

If you don’t get a nice lather, add a touch more water.

It left my face feeling smooth and clean. I really enjoyed this.

skinesque skincare review costco
skinesque skincare review costco

Yep, see I am loving it.

Be sure to check out even MORE awesome skincare & beauty finds to grab at Costco here.

skinesque skincare review costco

The next item I tried was the Skinesque Deep Sleep overnight mask. You can leave this mask on for 15 minutes or leave on overnight. I first tried it by leaving it on overnight. I was a little hesitant how it would be in the morning.

The next morning I didn’t really feel much on my face, but after I washed it off I could tell the mask was removed. My face felt smooth and awakened.

The price for this container is $21.99 at Costco.

You only need to use this mask 3 times a week, but you can use it 5 days a week too.

skinesque skincare review costco

The best part was I didn’t have any breakouts after using it several times.

skinesque skincare review costco
skinesque skincare review costco
skinesque skincare review costco

The Skinesque moisture lock cream is my go to. It’s become my favorite in the morning. I mix it with foundation and it gives such a dewy fresh look. If I had to pick only one item to continue with it would be this one.

The price is $21.99 on

skinesque skincare review costco

Only three minutes on. My girls love wearing these masks with me for our at home spa days. The price is really good to, you get two packs for $29.99.

That is 60 masks. Only $0.49 per mask. If you go to Target you will pay over $3.99 per face mask.

skinesque skincare review costco

The best part of this mask, is there is no sticky residue after. It feels amazing. No rinsing required.

skinesque skincare review costco

I truly love these Skinesque products and am so thrilled to give you the chance to win these. If you are in our Facebook group with over 24k members you know I love giveaways.

This time Skinesque is giving a reader all four items above.


Leave a comment below sharing the current skincare product you use?

Your comment is your entry. Must be 18 or over to enter. Giveaway will close on 10/11/20. Winner will be emailed and announced on Monday 10/12/20.

Don’t forget to join our Costco Deals FB group with monthly giveaways and our BJs FB group with giveaways throughout the month here.

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