5 Tasty Costco Party Appetizers for New Year’s

Celebrate the New Year with some tasty Costco party appetizers. Whether you have friends and family joining in person or via zoom, these are sure to be a hit.

I find grabbing appetizers or prepared meals at Costco a welcome break from a night of cooking. These appetizers also make a great meal to drop off to a neighbor or a family who recently had a baby.

When it comes to appetizers, the easier, the better, Costco has a great selection of frozen appetizers that taste like you spent all day in the kitchen.

We went to Costco and grabbed five tasty appetizers for our New Year’s Eve Party. I think you’d like these too if you haven’t tried them yet! Pulled Pork, Cheese Flights, Street Tacos, Meatballs, and more. Is your mouth watering yet?

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Let us know in the comment section other appetizers we must try at Costco?

Street Tacos Kit 12ct $4.99

Grilled Seasoned Chicken, Tomato Salsa, Shredded Cheese, 12 Corn, Flour Tortillas, Cilantro Lime Crema, Fresh Shredded Vegetables. Great Value!

These are also great for Football games, and of course, we shared our top Football game foods to grab at Costco.

Kirkland Signature Cheese Tray $19.99

They also display things to pair them with. Monteau Alpine, Clothbound Cheddar, Il Tartufo Pecorino, Herb Chevre, Mayan Cocoa Coffee Rubbed Fontal. This cheese flight has gotten amazing reviews!

Also, see the Cheese with Fruit and Nut Tray $7.99/lb.

Includes 8 months Wisconsin Cheddar, 6-month Aged Spanish Manchego, 4 months-old dutch Gouda, and Double Cream Brie. Grapes and almonds.

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Aidells Teriyaki Chicken Meatballs $13.89

Easy to throw in the crockpot. They are already sweetened with Pineapple. It goes great, a salad. No Artificial Ingredients, No Nitrates, and Pork-Free. Includes 46oz of Chicken Teriyaki Meatballs.

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Kirkland Smoked Pulled Pork $10.99

Grab about 2lbs of Kirkland Signature Pulled Pork. Fully cooked, just heat and eat. This is also freezable for future planning. Pit smoked with real hickory wood. Get your favorite sauce ready! This one is easy.

Shrimp Cocktail with Cocktail Sauce & Lemon. $9.99/lb

READER FAVORITE – This Shrimp Cocktail with Cocktail Sauce & Lemon is $9.99/lb. Always good before burgers or with your favorite movie and beer.

This one is super popular in our Facebook group.

Below is a list of reader favorites shared in our Costco Facebook group.

  • Pot stickers
  • Spanakopitas 
  • summer sausage
  • crab cake balls
  • spinach dip and baguettes
  • Jalapeño poppers
  • Little mini hotdogs 
  • Chicken wings
  • Pulled Pork
  • Teriyaki meatballs
  • Mozzarella Sticks
  • Cheese platters
  • Bacon Wrapped Scallops
  • Pin Wheel Sandwiches

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Do you have any New Years Eve Appetizers you love to bust out from Costco every year?


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