What NOT To Buy at Costco This Year

Have you wondered how much you’re actually saving on items you may find yourself buying at Costco?

Sure, you’re getting more, but if the quality of the product is subpar, you’re losing money.
Costco stands behind its products with great customer service and policies, but why waste money and time?

We’ve been running deals and clipping coupons at various wholesale clubs for the last several years, and when we say this is what not to buy at Costco, we mean it.

If you don’t have a Costco membership yet, snatch up this one online and get up to a $20 Costco Gift card with purchase.

These are 10 Items to Pass up at Costco.

No Bias, We love a good deal.
Don’t we all?

And sometimes, it’s okay to stray from the wholesale club to get a deal at Target or Walmart.

Not to say some of these items are never worth purchasing, but in general, we tend to avoid them.

Costco doesn’t allow coupons, so unless you’re buying clearance or an item with instant savings, you won’t be in much control of the price.

Laptops, Desktops, Tablets.

what not to buy at costco

Costco has its electronics front and center. Big-ticket items, bright, flashy screens that grab your attention.

Don’t head straight for them. In fact, look right next to the door along the wall to your left, and you’ll find all their featured monthly sale items.

In my experience Amazon, Best Buy, or Newegg offer better deals on Electronics.

Yes, Costco does allow a second-year warranty, plus an additional year if you purchase with the Costco Shop Card. For a 3 year warranty provided by Allstate.

Warranties do not sway me; you can get them anywhere, and often whatever I’d need to be fixed isn’t covered anyway unless you pay.

If you’re like me and warranties don’t convince you, you won’t be finding huge discounts.
If they do, it’s rather outdated. So be mindful of when the product was released concerning the price.


what not to buy at costco

This may seem like a no-brainer. Who’s going to eat 2lbs of Strawberries before they spoil? We so often “Buy with our Bellies.”

Imagine picking that many strawberries. Unfortunately, produce is always high on the waste list. You can freeze some, but generally, buy produce fresh from a market or local grocery store in smaller amounts when they are on sale.

Fruits and veggies are likely to go bad before you can eat them all. Also, consider how much space Costco devotes to these products.
Not much.

If it’s not a big point of focus, chances are staff and management don’t work those areas as hard.

Yes, buying perishables in bulk is definitely risky. Save your wallet the waste on this one.

More Costco Tips:


what not to buy at costco

The cereal is hardly on sale. Sure the size and getting 2 bags in one box may seem like a deal.
But often, boxes of cereal are cheaper at grocery stores or especially pharmacies like Walgreens or CVS. Usually with more of a selection too.

It’s not much of a deal for cereal when it’s upwards of $5.
Which is when it’s rarely featured in instant savings.

The cereal is rather unhealthy and goes stale fast. Not a huge win on this one, folk.

Even though the kid in me loves bringing home a box of Cinnamon Life that big.

Toothpaste and Dental Hygiene

Stocking up on 12 tubes of toothpaste for your pearly whites may seem like a clean investment.
They don’t go bad, so why is this on the list?

Because you won’t find this less than 50¢ a tube.
Let me show you:

This Colgate Optic White is $9.99 (On sale)
Includes 4 tubes of toothpaste.
That’s still $2.49 each.

If it’s a product, you love that is often expensive anyway, sometimes these work out for you.
And you pick it up because it’s on sale.
But make sure you grab it in-store.
Online is always more!

what not to buy at costco


They have their own centers! So they can’t be that bad!
Spoiler: They don’t price match, and their sticker prices are higher than tire vendors.

what not to buy at costco

I’ve almost taken the plunge, and sure you may save on the tires and installation, but overall it’s not worth the investment.
Low selection of tires, and during sales, they’re often sold out.

Ironically, it’s a little weird to specifically go to Costco for tires when you’re likely going there for TP or Rotisserie Chicken.
Just because it’s a one-stop shop doesn’t make it the best.

Save the manufacturer promotion, bring it to a local tire shop, and get quotes!

Remember, Costco doesn’t stack promotions.
You’ll often find the Manufacturer promoting the sale across all of their authorized tire retailers.
Then you can compare retailers’ sales or financing options.

Do you shop at BJs Club too? Check out our BJs Only Deal Blog here.


Not that you can’t find a sale on them. But let’s be honest, the selection is super limited.
It’s more of a commercial Hotel line of products than a Target or Bed, Bath, and  Beyond selection.

To our surprise, many of the reviews on Costco’s Kirkland Brand Bedding and Linens are subpar quality, and customers found them uncomfortable.

what not to buy at costco


Costco always has a big table for books set up. You may enjoy looking, but take the time to look up the price on Amazon or Digital E-Book versions.
Amazon is a juggernaut of competition.

Costco’s table of Books is a measly comparison to Amazon’s offerings.

what not to buy at costco


Sunscreen only lasts 3 years. So you may think it wise to stock up on that 3 pack of Banana Boat.
Generally, these are $20+. You’re better off buying this one tube at a time during the season you need it.

Places like Walmart, CVS, Target all have great deals once the sun is in full effect.
We like those around here.

Fresh Flowers

Yeah, they always get my attention. Sometimes I pick up the $10 bouquets.
But when you spend upwards of $40 for a full bouquet, you know how Costco is.
Costco sized everything.

You’d be amazed at the quality Trader Joes, or your local Grocery Store has for the money.
And usually, they are $10-$20—half the price.

Disposable Razors

Yeah, getting all those blades seems like a genius idea. But often, they aren’t priced under $1 per blade.

Brands like Gillette or Schick have promotions all the time where you can get razor blades for 50¢ or less.

You’re likely to get them in smaller amounts but for way less at stores like Walmart or Pharmacies.

That box of Gillette is actually on sale for $31.99 online. It includes 2o razors. That’s $1.60 per blade.

Not this time, Costco!

Holiday Cards

Lastly, that special person, those special people. Are you really going to spend full price for Hallmarks?

I mean, upwards of $5 to $10 at Warehouse Clubs. Getting a ton of cards at once is nice.

But not at full price. We don’t like that around here.

In fact, I’ve found hitting up the Dollar Store or grocery Stores for their .99¢ cards is the move.

And you cant beat that. Sadly, people don’t keep these around forever. It’s a sentiment.

You don’t have to prove anything with a fancy card. It’s all about the message.

So what are some items you’ll never buy?

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Do you only shop at Wholesale Stores? Let us know!


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