The Best Costco Snacks for 2021

Don’t get lost in the snack aisle at Walmart, Target, or Aldi. Instead, get all your essentials for back-to-school shopping with ease by heading straight to Costco, where you can find everything from new shoes and socks to fresh fruit snacks! You’ll even enjoy a slice of pizza on the way out – no time wasted finding food when they serve it right there!

We’ve put together a list of the best Costco snacks for 2021. These are great to take with you on road trips, plane rides, and long car rides.

They also make it easy to keep your kid happy while they wait in line at the store or before dinner time starts cooking. These all come from Costco’s website so that they can be purchased online as well as in-store!
We hope this article gave you some ideas for buying next time you visit our favorite warehouse club – Costco!

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organic made good granola minis

Organic Made Good Granola Minis 24 ct $9.99 

Item Number: 1560969

We know we gotta sneak in the veggies where we can. This is a fantastic option, and they’ll never know. It includes 12 Chocolate Chip Granola Minis and 12 Mixed Berry Pouches.

Wholesome grains are made nut-free and free of the top 8 common allergens. They are individually wrapped, making them super easy to grab and eat.

garden veggie straws

Garden Veggie Straws $5.99

Another great snack that slips in an alternative to Lays potato chips or Doritos is these Veggie Straws. Since their debut, they aren’t as healthy as the package has led us to believe, but they sure are tasty and easy to eat.

They have flavors in Sea Salt, Ranch, and Cinnamon Apple, which is my favorite. They taste like Churro chips. The reason for the colors is they use Tomato and Spinach pasta. It’s more of a variety and alternative to just potato chips, and they are delicious.

Cretors Cheese and Popcorn Caramel Mix

Cretors Cheese & Caramel Mix Popcorn $6.99

Popcorn is an excellent snack during Movies, Lunch, Car Rides, Sports Games, and other events. This is a straightforward one to pack for kid’s lunches.

They generally don’t have a ton of Caramel coated in the mix, but it’s still delicious, and you get a lot. No High Fructose Corn Syrup, No Artificial Preservatives, and Non-GMO Corn & Oil.

This Chicago mix sounds weird, but in the midwest, they pair cheese with anything. And it’s good. Beware. It’s addictive.

fannie may smores snack mix

Fannie May Smores Snack Mix $9.89

Another one that people rave about is this Fannie May Smores Snack Mix. It’s $9.89 for an 18oz bag. And it goes quick. Graham Crackers and fluffy marshmallows coated in milk chocolate.

Something you’ll want to keep cool in case of melting. Kids and adults love this stuff. Of course, this wouldn’t be a good list if I didn’t include some of the most dangerous snacks, correct?

chum fruit snacks

Chum Fruit Bite Snacks 18ct $9.99

Real fruit snacks? Costco just brought these Chum Fruit Bites into stores.

I’ve always loved fruit, and it was great for the occasional need to have something sweet during school. Includes 9 Mango and 9 Strawberry packs. 100% fruit, and no added sugars.

It is made of Apples, Pears, Mangoes, and Strawberries. Each pack contains about two apples and 60 calories.

country archer mini beef jerky sticks

Country Archer Provisions Mini Beef Sticks $14.49

Get the right amount of protein in a tasty individually packaged beef jerky stick. These Country Archer Provisions Mini Beef Sticks are great on the go.

They have zero sugar and 4 grams of protein per serving. 14 oz bag for $14.49. Twenty-eight sticks with 100% grass-fed beef. Pair it with some babybels or crackers for a simple lunch meal.

Hippeas Vegan White Cheddar Chickpea Snacks 18oz $6.99

They look like regular cheese puffs but are made entirely of organic chickpeas. This is a great healthier alternative to Cheetos.

Vegan white cheddar flavored may not be for everyone, but they are great when paired with other fruits and sandwiches. Includes an 18 oz bag for $6.99.

Pirates Booty Cheddar Blast $10.99

Need an alternative to popcorn? These Rice & Corn Puffs are delicious. This Pirates Booty Cheddar Blast popcorn has more cheddar flavor.

Way better than their original white cheddar mix. Baked and no artificial flavors. They come in an 18oz bag. You can purchase it online for $10.99, but the in-store price is most likely lower.

Dark Chocolate Covered Mangoes

Another fan favorite. When you see these, definitely grab a bag. They come and go during the seasons, and our FB members always let us know when they are in-store.

Kirkland brand Dark Chocolate Covered Mangoes with unsulfured mangoes, Real fruit, no purees, and responsibly sourced dark chocolate. Delicious and shouldn’t be skipped if you’re a fan of fruit and chocolate.

lemark mini pancakes

Lemark Mini Pancakes $5.99

These are individually packed and super easy for breakfast snacking. It includes 25 bags in a two-pack. That’s 50 tiny pancakes for $5.99!

Easy to put some jelly on, whipped cream, or some honey. Members in our group loved their taste and how easy they are to grab and go.

So there you have it, the best snacks at Costco in 2021. We hope this list has helped make your life a little bit easier and that you are able to find some new healthy options for snacking on!

Whether you need something individually wrapped or drinks to take, Costco is an excellent stop for all your Back School Snacks.

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