The Squishmallows Guide for Parents

If you’ve been searching for the perfect plush toy for your little one, you may have come across the Squishmallows. These cuddly characters are taking the world by storm, and parents everywhere can’t get enough of these huggable friends.

What are Squishmallows?

Squishmallows are super soft, cuddly plush toys that come in all shapes and sizes. From unicorns to sloths, there is a Squishmallow character to fit everyone’s tastes.

Not only are they fun to play with, but they are also great companions to snuggle up with at night. Plus, they come in a variety of sizes—from 5-inch mini squishes to jumbo 24-inch versions—so there’s sure to be one that your child will love!

Squishmallows was conceived by Kelly Toys Holding LLC. The toy was released on July 17, 2017. Squishmallows can be rectangular and have different colors, dimensions, animals, and textures available for purchase.

The company has produced more than 1000 Squishmallow characters, each with unique nicknames & backgrounds.

What are the sizes of Squishmallows?

Squishmallows were made in four different shapes and are therefore able to be found in 3.5, 8, 13, and 16. However, the stuffed toys now appear in different sizes and range between clip-on (3 inches) and large (24 inches) sizes.

What is the rarest Squishmallow?

Jack, black cats. Jack Blackcat is a rare squishmallow that has an average retail value of $1349 on eBay and is more expensive than $2,500. He has been sold by Kellytoy’s site as the 1st limited edition Squeemallow, only 500 of his smiler’s are available to purchase.

Squishmallow Characters

16″ Plush Squishmallows $14.99

5″ Mini Assorted 8 Pack $28.99

  • Maritza – Green Cactus With Winky Face, Pink Flower, And White Belly
  • Shannon – Vanilla Ice Cream With Pink Top
  • Thompson – Brown Armadillo With Spots On Back And White Belly
  • Gigi – Orange Tabby Cat With Open Eyes And Peach Belly
  • Francis – Brown Lion With Fuzzy Mane
  • Chuy – Black Cairn Terrier With Pink Ears
  • Diego – Aqua Elephant
  • Pep – Pepperoni And Mushroom Pizza With Eyes Open

Squishmallows Mini Food 8pk $28.99

  • “Austin” – Green Avocado with Brown Pit
  • “Paulton” – Chocolate Bar With Red And Silver Wrapper And Bite Mark
  • “Melly” – White Plain Milk Carton
  • “Neeona” – Brown Cookie With Chocolate Chips
  • “Iman” – Brown Toast With Red Jam
  • “Antoine” – Brown Peanut Butter With Teal Label And Cap
  • “Gideon” – Green Guacamole With Tortilla Chip
  • “Arnel” – Popcorn In Red And White Bucket

Squishmallows Mini Sealife 8pk $28.99

  • “Gordon” – Grey Shark 
  • “Bruce” – Walrus
  • “Sheldon” – Seahorse
  • “Violet” – Purple Octopus 
  • “Kai” – Black and White Orca
  • “Turtle” – Cole
  • “Christabel” – Tie-Dye Crab
  • “Ricky” – Clownfish

Squishmallow Fantasy & Wildlife Mini 8pk $28.99

  • “Meadow” – Purple Horse
  • “Greta” – Bear
  • “Laura” – Pink Tabby
  • “Pilar” – Grasshopper
  • “Joelle” – Teal Bigfoot
  • “Brian” – Grey Dog
  • “Avery” – Mallard Duck
  • “Patty” – Pink and purple cow

All About Squish Collection $34.99

This is the ultimate Squishmallows™ stationery set! Your favorite Squishmallows™ are all here – Carl the Burger, Avery the Mallard, Buela the Octopus, and so many more!

Take notes, draw, and journal! Use the stickers to decorate your notebooks and electronics! Keep everything organized in your Plush Collectible Squishmallows pouch!

Squishmallow Names

  • Ace the Unicorn 
  • Addie the Axolotl
  • Aimee the Chick
  • Alan the Fox
  • Alejandra the Bunny 
  • Alicia the Llamacorn 
  • Alyssa the Chick 
  • Anna the Dinosaur 
  • Apple Ashley 
  • Aqua the Sloth 
  • Archie the Axolotl
  • Aria the Unicorn 
  • Astrid the Unicorn 
  • Autumn the Black Cat 
  • Autumn the Fox 
  • Ava the Avocado 
  • Avery the Unicorn 
  • Avocado Austin
  • Barb the Dog
  • Baron the Bear
  • Bella the Spider
  • Ben the Dinosaur
  • Bernie the St. Bernard
  • Blair the Cat 
  • Blake the Bear 
  • Blake the Bunny 
  • Blossom the Sheep
  • Bo the Llamacorn 
  • Bobby the Bunny 
  • Bop the Bunny
  • Brenda the Butterfly
  • Brian the Puppy 
  • Brisby the Horse
  • Brock the Bulldog
  • Brody the Dinosaur 
  • Brooke the Polar Bear 
  • Bruce the Walrus
  • Bubbles the Bunny 
  • Buttons the Bunny
  • Caeli the Cat
  • Camden the Chick
  • Cameron “Cam” the Calico Cat 
  • Candy the Bunny
  • Cannon the Candy Corn
  • Carla the Caticorn
  • Carson the Cat 
  • Catrina the Sugar Skull
  • Cedric the Chick 
  • Charity the Chick 
  • Charlie the Dog 
  • Charlie the Pup
  • Charlotte the Cat 
  • Chase the Cat 
  • Chauncey the Chihuahua 
  • Chip the Beaver
  • Chloe the Pink Poodle
  • Chuck E Cheese Mouse 
  • Chuck the Duck
  • Cici the Red Panda
  • Cindy the Cat 
  • Cleo the Black Cat
  • Cody the Flamingo 
  • Connor the Cow
  • Cookie the Flamingo 
  • Cora the Cat 
  • Courtneys the Caticorn 
  • Cris the Lamb 
  • Crystal the Snow Leopard
  • Dakota the Dragon Pig 
  • Damien the Dinosaur 
  • Danny the Dinosaur
  • Dawn the Fawn
  • Denise the Mermaid
  • Dexter the Dragon
  • Diego the Elephant 
  • Dina the Dragon 
  • Doug the Dog 
  • Drake Dracula
  • Drew the Dragon 
  • Duffy the Puppy 
  • Duma the Cheetah 
  • Edden the Unicorn
  • Ella the Unicorn 
  • Ellie the Elephant 
  • Elliot the Elf 
  • Elton the Monkey
  • Emily the Bat 
  • Emmi the Sloth 
  • Esmeralda the Unicorn
  • Ethan the Elephant
  • Felicia the Pandacorn 
  • Felix the Dog 
  • Felix the Pup 
  • Fern the Fox 
  • Fifi the Red Fox 
  • Fitz the Corgi 
  • Francesca the Owl 
  • Francis the Lion 
  • Frankie Frankenstein
  • Franny the Flamingo 
  • Gabby the Yeti 
  • Gary the Giraffe
  • Gertrude the Canadian Goose 
  • Gertrude the Goose 
  • Gilbert the Sheep 
  • Gina the Gingerbread
  • Gordon the Shark 
  • Grace the Ghost 
  • Gray the Alpaca
  • Hank the Hippo 
  • Hans the Hedgehog
  • Harper the Bunny 
  • Harriet the Owl
  • Henry the Turtle
  • Holly the Owl 
  • Hoot the Owl 
  • Humphrey the Hamster
  • Icicle the Bunny 
  • Ilene the Unicorn 
  • Iris the Husky 
  • Irving the Rhino
  • Isabella the Bunny 
  • Ivy the Deer 
  • Jacob the Lamb 
  • James the Donkey 
  • James the Fox 
  • Jamie the Pegacorn 
  • Jarin the Jellyfish
  • Jaxton the Owl 
  • Jayda the Jellyfish 
  • Jazzy the Giraffe
  • Jeanne the Octopus 
  • Jen the Penguin 
  • Joanne the Otter
  • Jolie the Zebra 
  • Jordon the Gingerbread
  • Juliette the Corgi
  • Kai the Orca
  • Karina the Cat 
  • Kayce the Pandacorn 
  • Kayla the Elephant 
  • Keely the Kangaroo
  • Kelsey the Cat 
  • Kenny the Dragon 
  • Kirk the Koala 
  • Kylie the Cheetah 
  • Layla the Lemur 
  • Leslie the Llama 
  • Levi the Lamb 
  • Lexie the Cheetah 
  • Liam the Lamb 
  • Lilah the Koala 
  • Lily the Lamb
  • Linda the Bunny
  • Liv the Leopard 
  • Lola the Unicorn 
  • Lorie the Cheetah 
  • Lucia the Lemur 
  • Lucille the Seal 
  • Lucille the White Seal
  • Lucinda the Unicorn 
  • Lucy-May the Llamacorn 
  • Luke the Lamb 
  • Luna the Penguin 
  • Luna the Unicorn 
  • Madeline the Witch 
  • Mandy the Sloth
  • Manny the Snowman 
  • Marco the Hedgehog 
  • Margo the German Shepherd
  • Maribel the Butterfly 
  • Mark the Monkey 
  • Mateo the Rottweiler
  • Matt the Manatee
  • Maurice the Moose
  • Mauve the Llama 
  • Maxwell the Monkey 
  • Mel the Racoon
  • Mia the Unicorn 
  • Micah the Giraffe 
  • Mikah the Unicorn
  • Mila the Elephant 
  • Miles the Dragon
  • Milly the Monkey
  • Milo the Mummy 
  • Misty the Grey Mouse
  • Momo the Monkey 
  • Mooncake the Green Alien 
  • Morty the Monster
  • Nathan the Cat 
  • Nellie the Narwhal
  • Nic the Squirrel 
  • Nick the Santa 
  • Nini the Bear 
  • Nova the Bunny 
  • Nutcracker 
  • Nutcracker 
  • Nutcracker 
  • Olive the Owl
  • Oliver the Cat 
  • Opal the Octopus
  • Orange Orin 
  • Owen the Owl 
  • Paco the Parrot 
  • Paige the Pumpkin 
  • Pam the Pug 
  • Pandora the Pegasus
  • Patty the Cow 
  • Paulita the Cat 
  • Penelope the Panda 
  • Penelope the Pandacorn 
  • Penny the Panda 
  • Perry the Dolphin 
  • Peter the Pig 
  • Peyton the Fox 
  • Philip the Horse
  • Philippe the Frog 
  • Piper the Penguin 
  • PJ the Panda 
  • Prince the Pug
  • Priscilla the Peacock 
  • Puff the Penguin 
  • Ramona the Red Panda
  • Randy the Racoon
  • Regan the Bunny 
  • Reginald the Corgi 
  • Reina the Butterfly
  • Riah the Yeti
  • Richard the Lion 
  • Ricky the Clown Fish
  • Rocky the Racoon
  • Robert the Frog
  • Ronnie the Cow
  • Roxy the Cat 
  • Ruby the Reindeer
  • Rupert the Sloth
  • Ruth the Unicorn
  • Ryan the Husky
  • Sabrina the Caticorn
  • Sadie the Sloth
  • Sam the Dog 
  • Samantha the Owl 
  • Sarah the Squirrel
  • Sawyer the Squirrel 
  • Scarlet Strawberry
  • Scout the Panda 
  • Sebastian the Bunny 
  • Selina the Shark 
  • Seraphina the Unicorn
  • Seth the Red Panda 
  • Sharie the Sloth 
  • Sharon the Shark 
  • Shawn the Schnauzer
  • Sheldon the Seahorse 
  • Silvia the Unicorn 
  • Simon the Sloth 
  • Skyler the Skunk
  • Sofia the Unicorn
  • Sophie the Lamb 
  • Stacy the Squid
  • Stanley the Panda 
  • Starry the Unicorn
  • Stefana the Pegasus 
  • Stella the Unicorn 
  • Sugar Loaf the Goat 
  • Summer the Pineapple
  • Sunny the Honeybee
  • Tabitha the Cat 
  • Tallulah the Unicorn
  • Tally the Tabby Cat 
  • Tanner the Penguin 
  • Tatiana the Dragon
  • Theo the Unicorn 
  • Thomas the Squirrel 
  • Tibby the Caticorn 
  • Tiffany the Cat 
  • Tilman the Husky 
  • Tim the Alpaca 
  • Tina the Tiger
  • Todd the Chicken Rooster
  • Tony the Zebra
  • Tracy the Zebra 
  • Trey the Triceratops
  • Trina the Chick 
  • Trinity the Triceratops 
  • Tristan the Dinosaur 
  • Tristan the Triceratops
  • Trudy the Ladybug
  • Uri the Penguin
  • Ursula the Caticorn
  • Vee the Ow
  • Veronica the Octopus 
  • Violet the Octopus 
  • Walker the Goat 
  • Wally the Narwhal
  • Walter the Bear Witch 
  • Wanda the Watermelon
  • Wendy the Frog
  • Willey the Great Wolf 
  • Willow the Deer 
  • Willow the Pegasus
  • Winnie the Walrus 
  • Winston the Owl 
  • Zachary the Zombie 
  • Zeena the Unicorn 
  • Zeke the Zebra
  • Zobey the Octopus
  • Zoe the Unicorn

They also make great gifts since they come in unique and colorful designs. And if you’re looking for something extra special, some even feature sound chips or LED lights! With so many options available, it can be hard to choose just one—but thankfully the Squishmallows website has made it easy by grouping their characters into collections based on their personalities and interests.


Why are Squishmallows so Popular

Squishmallows became very famous and widespread in the pandemic through social media and, notably TikTok. Collectors say their animals have had comfort over the past painful winter.

Squishmallows are collectible

Apart from social networks, Squishmallow has attributes that appeal to Gen Z consumers’ purchasing behaviors. The millennial generation will likely create a strong market for items catering to the needs of escapism,” wrote Stacy Wood.

The collection is seen as a form of escapism by consumers as an activity where people focus on growing the collection,” says she. Squishmallows are easy to collect due to their high value, affordable availability and varied shapes.

Where Can I Buy Squishmallows?

You can find Squishmallows at most major retailers like Amazon, Target, Walmart, Kohl’s and Costco. If you decide to purchase from the website directly, you can even customize your own unique creation using the “Design Your Own” tool!

This allows you to pick out the color, fabric type, and even add personalized messages or names onto each individual plush toy. Kind of like Build-A-Bear.

We prefer to purchase ours from Costco as they have the larger Squishmallows for great prices in-store and online.

Keep in mind, you must purchase 2 of the 16″ Squishmallow Plushes at $14.99 for online Costco orders.

Not a Costco Member? Sign up and get a $10 Shop Card with your purchase here.

Squishmallows have become incredibly popular among kids (and adults!) of all ages due to their huggable nature and fun designs.

Whether you’re looking for a new bedtime buddy or a thoughtful gift idea for someone special in your life, these adorable stuffed animals have got you covered!

With plenty of different characters available from various retailers both online and offline, there’s sure to be something for everyone when it comes to this fuzzy collection of pals! So go ahead and see what kind of squishy adventures await you today!


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