Native Bee Barn at Costco ONLY $23.99

bee hive at costco

Looking to attract native bees? You can score this Native bee house in club and online. The online price at Costco is $32.99. 



The Mason Bee Barn is hand-crafted from 100% FSC® certified(Forest Stewardship Council) solid pine wood and bamboo and is sealed with a nontoxic, water-based finish.

It attracts non-stinging native bees that are not aggressive. Native bees are the most prolific pollinators on our planet. Unlike honey bees, there is no colony with workers, there are no swarms, and they do not produce honey. Their sole focus is pollination, and they make friendly, non-aggressive neighbors.

Once a native female bee establishes her home in this bee house, she will lay her eggs filling the tubes with nourishment, and seal off the entrance so her young can safely grow. The native bee life span is a single season so her young are next season’s pollinators who help create our food supply and make our gardens beautiful.


  • Attracts non-stinging super pollinating native bees
  • Provides a habitat and home base for native bees (not included)
  • Native bees out-pollinate honey bees 30 to 1
  • Native bees do not produce honey or beeswax
  • Provide shelter for next season’s offspring
  • No assembly needed



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