Bamboo Bin Organizer 3pc Set $24.99

In-Store and Online

We’ve all been there: It’s time to do the weekly grocery shopping and you come home with more cereal, canned tomatoes, and yogurt than you know what to do with. Before things get out of hand in your pantry, check this out! Introducing our new bamboo bin organizer 3pc set — the perfect cost-effective solution for your Costco overspills.

Seville Classic Bamboo Bin Organizer 3pc Set $24.99

Bamboo Bin Organizer

This stylish three-piece set from Home Decor Solutions is now available for just $24.99 and can easily help restore order in those chaotic cabinets. Now that’s something worth bringing home from the store…but don’t forget to grab a few other items too!


  • Optimize Counter Space
  • Dual Storage/Organization Options
  • Easy to Wipe Clean with Soap and Water




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