Barbie Extra 80pc Set $99.98 at Sam’s

Looking for a great deal on Barbie’s? Check out Sam’s Club! They have the Barbie Extra 80pc Set for just $99.98. This set includes 5 Barbie Dolls, 5 Pets, and 70 different accessories. It’s the perfect way to stock up on Barbie gear for your little one. So hurry in and grab this amazing deal today!

Item # 990084210

Barbie Extra 80pc Set $99.98

Barbie Extra 80pc Set

  • Barbie Extra 5-doll pack is oh-so-Extra with 5 Barbie Extra dolls
  • 70 fashion and styling pieces
  • 5 pets with personalities, adorable looks & playful expressions
  • Posable, articulated dolls strike poses
  • Exclusive Barbie Extra doll has extra-long, white, sparkly hair


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