Bodum Bistro Double Walled Glass Mugs 4pk $19.99

In-Store ONLY

Grab a beautiful and simple set of Bodum Bistro Double Walled Glass Mugs at Costco for just $19.99.
This set includes 4 mugs for $19.99 in-store or $31.99 online.
These are being discontinued, so if you see these in-store pick them up.
Located at the Mooresville, NC store.

bodum bistro double walled glass mugs


  • (4) Bistro Double Wall Mugs, 15 oz


  • Hydrophobic silicone vent at the base equalizes the air pressure between the two layers of glass.
  • Built to withstand extremes of temperature, ranging from -30 º to 350º F
  • Safe to use in the freezer, oven and microwave.
  • Ice cubes should be added after the drink not into the empty glass


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