Copco Pro Turntables 2pk $9.97

In-store and Online

Keep your favorite table items accessible with this deal on Copco pro turntables. These are made of durable plastic plates that are 9″ and 12″ in diameter.
Make items in cabinets, counters and tables easily accessible. An easy portable lazy Susan for just $9.97.

This item is being discontinued so grab it if you see it.

Copco Pro Turntables Copco Pro Turntables


  • Makes items in cabinets and on counters accessible with a simple spin
  • Includes two sizes
  • Durable plastic construction accommodates heavier items
  • Heavy-duty ball bearings provide a smooth, quiet spin
  • Nonskid liners on platforms keep items in place
  • Soft, nonskid bottom keeps turntable stable and protects surfaces



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