Faux Wicker Baskets at Costco $13.99

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Are you looking for a unique storage solution to help declutter your life? Look no further than Costco, where they’re offering the perfect deal on their beautiful faux wicker baskets! These stylish $13.99 baskets will add a touch of class to any room while helping keep things organized and tidy.


baskets at costco for the new year

Not only do they look amazing, but they come in an array of sizes and colors so you can find ones that match your decor perfectly. So what are you waiting for? Find out why these practical – yet gorgeous – baskets are the must-have item for all Costco shoppers today!



baskets at costco


We spotted these at the Rochester, NY store. They measure 15.4 “x 9.1″ . x 12.6”.


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