Grapefruit Honey Tea $6.69

Being Discontinued

Looking for a new Jam or Tea to try? This Grapefruit Honey Tea is in a preserved jar and currently on sale for $6.69.
Originally $8.69. The jar is huge weighing 70.54 oz so its sure to last awhile. People love this item thats imported from Korea.
I picked it up, and the grapefruit is pretty strong with lots of  pieces in it. I recommend using a coffee filter if you dont want pieces floating in your Tea.
Really good with Toast as well. Its being discontinued so if youre a fan or never tried it, look for it next time at your local store.

Its also available online for $29.99 in a two pack.

Grapefruit Honey Tea


  • 4.4 lb Jars, 2-count
  • Excellent Harmony of Grapefruit and Honey
  • No Artificial Preservatives
  • No Artificial Flavors or Colors
  • Made with Red Grapefruits


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