Grinch Dog Toys $19.98 at Sam’s

Looking for a way to bring in the holidays? Check out this adorable Grinch Dog Toys set for $19.98 at Sam’s.
This includes 3 toys that you can order online or purchase in-store.

grinch dog toys

  • 4 plush Grinch themed dog toys with multiple ways to play
  • Jolly Green Grinch: Whip-n-flip limbs for dogs of all sizes who like to thrash when they play
  • Grinchmas Stocking: Hide treats inside the stocking for a tasty way for dogs of all sizes to play!
  • Chew Hash: Great for dogs of all sizes and made with crazy crinkle, a squeaker, and packed with extra fluff
  • Reindog Max: Squeaky tennis ball great for small and medium dogs


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