Jetson Stixit Kick Scooter with LED $29.98

Looking for a fun summer activity? Get some outdoor time with this Jetson Stixit Kick Scooter for $29.98.


Jetson Stixit kick scooter




• Lightweight design and easy folding mechanism make it easy to pick up and carry

•Easily adjust the handlebar height to modify the scooter as your child grows

• LED light-up wheels

• 8 Sticker Packs

• Height Adjustable Handlebar

• Stem Height: 29”-33.5”

• Wheel Size: 4”

• Brake Style: Rear Foot Brake

• Product Weight: 5.7 lb

• Weight Limit: 132 lb

• Deck Size: 15.7” × 4.1”

• Recommended Age: 5+


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