Nutella 2 Pack ONLY $9.89 at Costco

Nutella! Oh my goodness, my kids are in a Nutella and peanut butter phase! This is a must-grab deal!

Nutella, the creamy, chocolatey hazelnut spread, needs no introduction. Whether you love it on toast, in your baking, or straight out of the jar (we won’t judge!), Nutella is a pantry staple that adds a touch of sweetness to any meal.

nutella 2 pack at Costco

Here’s the exciting part: Costco currently offers a two-pack of 33.9 oz jars of Nutella for just $9.89! That’s right; you can get two generously-sized jars of this beloved spread for less than ten dollars. It’s an unbeatable deal perfect for all you Nutella lovers out there.

You can grab it online for $12.89 with shipping included, which is still a better deal than Amazon. 

Whether you’re stocking up your pantry, preparing for some baking adventures, or love to have this sweet delight on hand, now is the perfect time to grab this deal. But remember, good deals don’t last forever!

nutella on sale at costco

So, don’t miss out on this sweet opportunity. Head over to your local Costco and pick up this Nutella two-pack before it expires on 7/24/23.  Having a little extra Nutella around is never a bad idea, right?

Happy Costco shopping and even happier spreading!





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