Worky 15 in 1 Mobile Office $49.98 on Clearance at Sam’s

Cut the cords and stay connected with Sam’s Club! Our Worky 15 in 1 Mobile Office Kit is perfect for busy bees who still need to get work done wherever their jobs may take them.

Now there’s no excuse for missed deadlines, even when out of town or on vacation – all at an unbeatable discounted price tag that can’t be beat: just $49.98!

What more could you ask? Get mobile today, shop smartly and save big with Sam’s Club – now that’s a winning combination!

Worky 15 in 1 Mobile Office $49.98

worky 15 in 1 mobile office worky 15 in 1 mobile office



  • 15 amazing features in one personal workspace
  • LED Video Conference Light: Built in LED light with adjustable brightness
  • 4 Port Power Strip: Two standard plug ins, 1 USB-A and 1 USB-C
  • Magnetic Dry Erase Whiteboard: Easy to write on and wipe off
  • Portable: 12 pounds and easy to store
  • 10-ft. power cord
  • Blue areas shown in photo are lids to storage compartments for papers, folders, notebooks, pens, pencils, and power cords
  • Fits up to 15.6″ laptops


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