Costco Spiral Ham Review

I have really fallen in love with Costco. Stocking up on snacks, staples, fresh produce and vegetables is so easy and cost effective.

Recently, we started having family over for Sunday dinner. When I was at Costco I sampled these rolls and had the idea spark of serving Costco’s spiral ham for sandwiches.

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These rolls are truly delicious and I love them because they led me to finding the Costco Spiral Sliced ham.

Boy, am I glad that I found this ham. I loved it so much that I went back and bought 3 more. I then decided to serve it for my family for Christmas Eve dinner.

So here it is, my review of the Kirkland Spiral Sliced Ham Hickory Smoked.

I have been so impressed with the quality that Kirkland delivers. I have slowly started to try some of their more specialty meats. These half bone in hams were in stock back in September when I first got a membership.

The best time to stock up on ham will be around Christmas and Easter holidays. You can see here that I was able to grab them with a pretty good discount.

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These hams are fully cooked, pre sliced and include a glaze packet.

You may have a famous recipe for preparing ham. I have prepared this ham two different ways.

The first time I prepared this ham I simply placed it in a roasting pan and prepared the glaze and bake as directed on the package. It came out juicy and had a sweet flavor from the glaze..

The second time for our Christmas Eve party I chose to cut the ham up and placed it in a crock pot with water. Since, I planned to serve as sandwiches, having it be pre sliced was incredibly convenient. Seriously, this ham has a TON of flavor.

Since these hams are pre-cooked you can eat them straight from the package. Our family absolutely loves to enjoy the ham this way because it is quality meat and makes a delicious deli sandwich.

Not only is it good, but the price is a definite win when compared to regular deli meat prices. 

The flavor of this ham is very natural. I have found that certain brands will taste incredibly salty. This ham had just the right amount of salt, juice and fat.

I highly recommend this ham. I had several people ask me where the ham was from and if I would be willing to grab one for them at my next Costco visit. Of course, I had to fill them in on how easy and affordable it is to get your own Costco membership. 


Let us know if you love Costco’s Spiral ham too?

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