11 Items that Will Totally Help YOU Save Money at Costco

Are you new to the wholesale Costco world? Intrigued by the giant size toilet paper bundles or maybe the bulk size freezer options?

There are so many great areas to discover inside the club. It is straightforward to throw things into the cart. Wholesale clubs have amazing prizes all over and marketing strategies that get the best of us.

The first time you head into Costco, I recommend that you go to look around. Please take a couple of hours, try the samples, check out what they have. Then plan your trip.

Need to know exactly the best areas to save? I have them here for you.


You can find the clothing in the middle of the store. You will find men’s, women and children’s clothing according to the season. Clothing cycles out all the time; if you see something you like, grab it right away.

Look for clearance items marked ending in 97¢. These are the best deals. Clothing at Costco is a favorite savings area. You can often find name-brand clothing at a fraction of the department store prices. To see clothing deals we have shared at Costco, go here.


Liquor, wine, and beer are sold in certain stores ( dependent on state laws) across the country. You can get big cases at large discounts saving you tons of money. Check during the holiday season for specially crafted display cases and gift options.


Costco has an amazing selection in its meat department. Looking for organic, grass-fed, non-hormone options? You will be happy when you see the prices on these items. In addition, you will be able to find high-quality cuts of meat that are ready to be prepared.


You can save big shopping for your pet’s needs right at Costco. They have a huge selection of dog food in top name brands as well as their Kirkland. You can also find toys, bones, beds, and unique items regularly.


office paper at costco

Having a Costco membership can be beneficial for a business. They have a huge selection of office supplies ranging from printers, ink to pens and paper. Also, check for specials that run routinely and are advertised in their mailer.

Tap here to see our Favorite Office Supplies at Costco.


Shopping organic can typically really bring your total bill up.  At Costco, I find prices on organic fruits and vegetables at the same price as non-organic.

Check out our Favorite Costco Produce items here.


Sometimes buying in bulk fresh is not always ideal. Stock up on frozen fruits and veggies that are organic from the freezer section. Keeping these items on hand is so convenient.

Check out our favorite ways to use up Costco Spinach here.

Pull out what you need and have confidence that what you are serving is healthy for your family.


bedroom set at costco

You can save BIG on home furniture and decor at Costco. Looking for a couch or bed set and do not see it in-store, check online.

Read our favorite Costco HOME Goods here.

Shop monthly to see new items added, such as pillows, rugs, curtains, lamps, dishes, and candles.

More Costco Tips:


Costco has an entire aisle dedicated to coffee. So if you like the individual cups, you can stock up at Costco.

Like big bins or freshly ground, Costco probably has an option you will be excited to pay for. We just tried this freshly ground Medium Roast Coffee.


You can really save big on your fun night out if you grab a gift card beforehand. Discounts vary by company. You can get dinner four $25 gift cards for only $74.99. Many of these can be purchased online too.


Okay, lastly, of course, you’re going to want to stock up on toilet paper and paper towels. The Kirkland brand is our favorite and works great, and is a competitive cost to other local stores. Check out our favorite office supplies to buy at Costco here.

Of course, there are a TON  more great savings to be had at every Costco. Every time you walk into the store, you are bound to find something new to try.

What items do you love to SAVE on at Costco?

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how to shop costco to save money


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